Monday 10 August 2020

Immuno boosting with Lumity supplements

During lockdown, my diet hasn't been the best. Who else has been the same?? I've turned a corner now as I've been getting bored of our usual home menu and I am trying to be better so that I feel better too. I am also still taking immunosurpressant medication, which does leave me feeling a bit run down every couple of days, so I need to give myself a boost to pick up my energy levels and make me feel better when this happens.

Part of all this is I have been taking Lumity supplements again (#gifted). I tried them earlier in the year and was impressed by a) their rich formula of nutrients, b) the ease of adding these into my routine, and c) how stunning the glass storage bottles (which you can refill) are.

Immune support supplements are a good way to ensure you are getting a healthy mix of vitamins and other important ingredients that can help you from the inside out. The Lumity programme works by delivering a boosting combination in the morning, through three soft gels that are easy to swallow, and then in the evening, you have a different mix in the white soft gels, to help your body as it rests and repairs overnight.

Here's the info on what they contain, and how they are clinically proven to support healthy ageing and deliver multiple benefits with 24/7 nutrient rich support:

Lumity’s formula is rich in amino acids and a variety of multi-tasking antioxidant nutrients. It features vitamins A, C and D, plus selenium and zinc for immune health. Turmeric and vitamin C support collagen formation, while vitamin A, iodine and zinc maintain healthy skin. Selenium contributes to glossy hair and strong nails. Vitamin C and magnesium help to reduce feelings of tiredness, encourage a good night’s rest and maintain a healthy energy-yielding metabolism. Zinc and iodine support normal cognitive function so you can focus, with no more afternoon slumps.

Includes six key amino acids Arginine, L-Cysteine, Carnitine, Co-Q10, Alanine and Glutamine which are all vital for great health and difficult to get from diet alone.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Lumity is gifting a free Skin Discovery Kit (worth £28) with every new supplement purchase or subscription - select yours at checkout! Great for you or as a gift. 

I've been doing several things differently to give my health and wellbeing a boost recently. with Lumity being part of this positive mindset. Often, it's just getting started that takes the effort, and soon you find you are forming new habits and it doesn't take long until you feel the benefit.

To read my first review of Lumity supplements, click here, and to find out how much I love their facial oil and cleanser, visit this link too.


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