Friday 11 September 2020

3 reasons why your business needs an internet presence

Although it may have felt like this year has come to a halt, 2020 is not the year to stand still.

Whether its your business, your lifestyle or something more personal, there’s no doubt this year’s recent events have changed your mind set in some way.

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If the change you’re looking for falls into the business category of that list, then you’re in the right place. There are three fantastic ways to make your business do better and keep moving forward.

Hit refresh

If your website serves as the informative side of your business so you don’t spend all day on the phone, then maybe here is a good place to start. If no ones learning anything new when they visit your website, they’re slowly going to gravitate to somewhere they do.

Rebranding your online presence can help get existing and new customers excited about your company again. Get together some brand-new images of your products, services or team in action. Start a weekly blog on your site and show how much you know and are up to date with your industry.

Creating sharper, cleaner looking layouts online can really make you stand out as a business which is progressive and responsive to change.

Go virtual

Maybe you’ve always dreamt of taking your business online but never got wrong to doing it? Well, what are you waiting for?

Digital marketing agencies can help bring your dreams into a virtual reality using responsivewebsite design to create and manage a fully functional website which draws in new customers and leaves all who visit it impressed.

If you want to make sales online as well as just provide information, don’t worry, there’s a way to do that to. Starting an Ecommerce site or attached Shopping Cart software to your site means that your products can be sold around the world (if you so choose) at the touch of a button.

Connect further

If you’ve been skim reading and thinking ‘but I’ve already done this’, don’t worry, we have been saving the best till last.

What’s your opinion on social media? Whether you hate it or love it, as a business owner the best way to connect to your clients is through social media. Think small, regular updates about your business, products and services as oppose to long, drawn-out, big budget campaigns.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have messaging capability which help your customers to connect with your business which is exactly what online customer engagement is all about. You don’t even have to be the one running those social media accounts, you can simply hire a digital marketing team to do it for you.

Speaking of digital marketing experts, have you heard of Search Engine Optimisation? It’s a proven and effective way of getting your website to show in the top rankings on Google! It basically means you’re ahead of the competition as you’re being seen at the top and users are more likely to click on your website in their search results page.

Stockport website design can handle everything from the design, creation and management of your website and social media. The aim? To help your business steady and prevent it from stagnating.

Don’t wait for all this to blow over, get your business online today and prepare to reap the benefits of being online in a trying time.






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