Thursday 4 February 2021

Working Together: Parenting Through A Pandemic

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It doesn't matter what is going on in your life right now, the world feels a little nuts. This pandemic has thrown a light over a lot of things - such as the politics in the UK, the issues worldwide, the way our health system works and more. The one thing that has happened in the past year is that people all over the country have been thrown together with their kids in varying lockdowns and quarantines and told that they must work from home, home educate the kids and not go out - and that may be a recipe for disaster for some!

When you are married, you have interruptions that dilute the love you have. It's not a bad thing but you go from concentrating one on one time together to being distracted by kids, work, personal hobbies and more, which keeps you both happy together and moving in each other's peripheral vision. With the pandemic and being thrown together at home, some couples can't face the constant time together and have contacted divorce solicitors instead of coming together as a team. It's a sad situation to be in, to not be able to relate to someone you traded vows with, but it's what has happened throughout the country. Instead of this happening to you, you have to find the happy medium that you need to be able to parent through this pandemic.

So, with this in mind, let's check out how you can get through those lockdowns and keep the fun in your relationship:

  • Prioritise THEIR sleep. When was the last time you shared the night shift with the baby? Have you ever taken it in turns to wake up in the morning and let the other person have that precious extra hour of sleep? Now is the time to do it! You need to help your partner to prioritise sleep so that you are better, happier humans. So, come up with a plan to work together and make sleeping in more fair. Everything is so much easier when you are rested - and it's always better to take it in turns to be exhausted!

  • Double team. If you are both supposed to be working from home and educating the kids at the same time you need to have a plan. Resentment festers easily if you aren't careful, and if you are feeling put upon while the other one is only working and not helping with the kids, that's where the sparks of arguments happen. Avoiding conflict is important which is why sharing the load will help you both!

  • Appreciate the effort. No matter how small, start thanking each other for the little things that are done - even if the little thing is that the socks have been paired. You can say so much to your partner simply by noticing the effort that they are putting in for your family.

Parenting is hard enough but parenting during a pandemic can throw your relationship against sandpaper: and that hurts. Don't let this beat you. The world will be back to normal soon enough and you'll remember how you needed each other then!


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