Thursday 11 March 2021

Lockdown life (and beyond) is all about comfort - FemmeLuxe #review

I think our sense of fashion and the clothing choices have changed a lot over this past year, and I do think the move towards comfort mixed with style is something that will continue to be popular, long after lockdown living comes to an end.

If you are at home, you want to be comfortable, right?

Thanks to FemmeLuxe, I have some new #gifted knitted loungewear and ribbed loungewear items in my wardrobe that help me to strike this balance and to feel like I've made a bit of an effort, yet I am cosy at home.

It's not a brand I have personally bought from before, but I can see why it is popular, as they specialise in fashion-led clothes for lounge living but also for going out.

Here's what you need to know about FemmeLuxe:

Femme Luxe has something for every gal, no matter what your style. Whether you’re the queen of casj dressing and love to keep it luxe n’ laidback, or you’re a dressy diva who brings the party everywhere she goes with a dreamy dress, we’ve got you covered.

I wouldn't say I am your typical customer, age wise or my 'going out' attire, but there's a great selection of items that do appeal to me and I have been impressed by how much they offer, and that would look great in my own wardrobe.

First of all, I have two ribbed loungewear sets that are just so lovely, they have become a staple. I have them in both black (currently £24.99) and camel brown (currently £19.99) and they fit well, with a good shape to them, but with room to breathe. They feature slits at the side of the wrist and a belt, to keep the look a bit more put together, and the trousers have a good stretch to them.

They are perfect for days spent at home.

Running around after the kids, snuggling for a movie day on the sofa, curling up with a good book... it all is just far more enjoyable when I feel cosy and these ribbed loungewear sets tick all the boxes.

I also picked an oversized slouchy knitted jumper (currently £15.99), in cream, as a great throw-on for loungewear but equally good with jeans or even a longline dress. This one features side splits to both sides, up to the waist, to add interest, and it is another firm favourite of mine at the moment.

It's just so versatile! I'd love to have a selection of this jumper, in different colours, because it looks so good and has an edge to it, thanks to the side slits.

I have been impressed by the quality and the service from FemmeLuxe and really love these new additions. As I said, I may not look like their typical customer, but found that they do cater for me, both in sizes but also in a range of styles that I would genuinely wear.

* Items mentioned were gifted for purpose of review, but all opinions and content remain my own.


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