Thursday 27 May 2021

3 simple ways to prevent head lice coming back

With an eight year old back at school, and hugs starting to come back on the agenda, there is two words that will strike fear into the heart of any parent... head lice! We've been very lucky that neither of our children has ever had head lice and we are very keen to keep it that way.

Vamousse kindly #gifted us some of their prevention shampoo and treatment mousse products, so we can best protect our boys from the potential issue, but also take action if the need arises.

Parenting is all about being prepared!

The following advice from Vamousse on the topic of preventing head lice returning is a guest post that will hopefully be useful to other mums and dads...

After you have gotten rid of a head lice infestation you will want to make sure they do not return, and this can be more challenging than it may seem. Breeds of super lice are making conventional treatment increasingly challenging. 


Head lice are persistent, and their adaptability means they can survive up to 48 hours off a human scalp given them plenty of time to re-infest a member of the family. Keep reading if you want to find out more about 3 methods for stopping head lice from coming back within your family. 

  1. Avoid sharing combs and brushes 


One of the simple steps you can take to help prevent the spread of head lice is through avoiding the sharing of combs and brushes. Given the 48 hours head lice have to find a new host, they can often be found surviving on brushes and combs. If you avoid sharing them you avoid the potential spread of head lice which could cause a new infestation. 

2.                Wash sheets on a high heat 


Another step that can help to reduce the chances of head lice coming back is to wash sheets on a high heat. This is a good way to cleanse the infested person’s room after you have dealt with the lice through the proper treatment. We recommend checking over the sheets after the wash just to make sure there are no obvious signs that the lice have managed to survive. 

3.                Consider using a protective head lice shampoo 


If you have taken all of the logical precautions, then you may want to introduce a protective shampoo, such as the one offered by Vamousse to help discourage head lice from coming back. The protective shampoo offered by Vamousse kills headlice before they have the chance to lay eggs which can help to break the cycle of infestation. Make sure you use this in combination with other sensible methods to help prevent head lice from coming back. 

Always keep an eye out for head lice 


Head lice are very unpleasant for children and adults and whilst they are usually not serious they can lead to infections and skin damage caused by excessive itching. If you keep an eye out for head lice you will increase the chances of catching an infestation before it has the chance to fully take hold. 


With the help of a protective shampoo, you will help protect your children from an infestation and stop the head lice from coming back. Couple the other methods with some routine checks of your children’s hair and you will have plenty in your arsenal when dealing with the fight against head lice. 



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