Monday 17 May 2021

How to Decorate Single Bedrooms without Spending Too Much

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Everyone has ideas and aspirations for their home because it is our world. We design according to our imagination and to try and turn our dreams into reality. The bedroom is the main space which belongs completely to you and should define your personality and design sense. The wall colour, curtains, furniture, and bedding each offers you the opportunity to express your personality and set the right mood.

There are different types of bedroom according to different members of the family. we all have our own preferences and different points of view; everyone has their requirements and choice when it comes to designing their personal space.

In this article, we will discuss how to design single bedrooms used for/by teenagers and singles (students and those still living at home) so the interior of the room can match their needs. The bedroom is a place where they can unwind, finding space from others in the home, and if the place is set according to their choice/personality, it'll provide more calmness and relaxation.

A single bedroom tends to be smaller than other rooms and so can have less space to work with. But if you design it wisely, it will set the right tone, especially if you have guests come to stay. 

 1. Paint colour

The power of colour directly influences the human soul. Life is full of different color shades, and each of them has a different feel to it. Of course, the paint of the walls should be matched with the other interior of the room, or vice versa.

Suppose you have a soft and calm personality like the light colors (white, off white, blue, move, and grey color). Because these colors give peaceful and quiet effects, similar to those who have lively personalities like vibrant colors. If you are bold, then you could even paint a mural or create a feature out of a word wall sticker. To make a real impact, one wall could feature a 3D painting or hanging.

2. Curtains

Curtains give a finishing touch to the bedroom, as well as being a necessary element. Because they cover the window and block the light and outside noise, they provide complete privacy and a perfect environment for relaxing and sleeping. 

There are different types of curtains, such as pencil pleat, eyelet, blackout and sheer. Silk, cotton, net, and velvet fabrics are commonly used for them. You can buy quality curtains from Imperial Rooms UK official store.

3. Furniture and bedding

Furniture in a single room usually consists of a bed, a study table & chair, a book rack, or a sofa if there is space. The bed is the focal point of any bedroom and naturally, it provides you comfort and a smooth surface for sleeping. A sound sleep is essential for everybody because, at that time, body cells will repair and prepare it for new challenges. 6-8 hours of sleep at night are compulsory for a healthy mind and body.

For a good night's sleep, bedding plays a vital role because if it is soft, comfortable, and skin-friendly, then you are sure to sleep well. 

People who use single bedrooms might have a busy schedule; they don't have enough time to set their bed and can use the fitted sheet on the mattress which is attached from all the corners of the mattress.  It also prevents the mattress from the liquid and dust mites and provides a pleasant and wrinkled free view.

In single bedding, two standard size pillows are available along with cushions. Pillows are an essential part of the bedding. They help to keep the neck and shoulder muscles relaxed and maintain the sleeping posture. If a pillow is not soft and properly shaped, it will be irritating for your neck and backbone.  

Duvets are used throughout the seasons according to their tog rates. Buying a single bedding set, which contains a duvet cover and matching pillows is a good option to save some money. It'll not only help you cover your expensive duvets but also create a well-balanced look in terms of color & design. You can buy bedding products from Oxford Homeware UK official store at affordable prices.

Single bedding is available in all the fabric materials and designs for all the seasons, so it's effortless to just give a new look to your bed through single bedding sets.

4. Indoor plants

Indoor plants really bring a space to life and are great additions to bedrooms, even when on the small side, as they purify the air and provide fresh oxygen gand help to boost your mood.


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