Friday 4 June 2021

Forget Real Hardwood, Opt for Vinyl

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Many budget-conscious people are finding themselves disappointed in their dream of owning luxurious wooden flooring within their home due to the costs involved in product, installation and care. It is only a natural choice that luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is the better option with the most benefits on variety, cost, installation and low maintenance along with its perfect replication of the real thing.

Vinyl offers a full replication of a wooden floor with a guarantee of security over the real thing.


Light and Dark Woods

Many people consider dark wood within a room to add a look of gloom when it adds a level of mood and style that looks impressive. It looks so authentic that visitors to the home would not know otherwise. Dark woods are preferred for living rooms or study areas and much easier to install than you may think.


A replicated light wood vinyl can brighten up the room and give a classic feel for those wanting an outdoor lifestyle indoors, and without the requirement of sanding down or fixing any chippings in a real wooden flooring, you are saving on plenty of repair and replacement costs.


Vinyl Does Not Rot

Whether coming in from the rain or spilling a glass of water, your floor is constantly seeing perils of water damage, but the lowest price Amtico flooring is much safer due to waterproof properties that fully safeguard your subfloor. With moisture resistance as well as anti-slip properties, any spillages and footprints can be cleaned in seconds leaving the floor looking fresh and unspoiled.


Vinyl flooring also comes with scratch guard and stain resistance, where your regular cleaning can consist of a quick sweep with a brush and vacuum and it should look like new. An occasional mop without soaking the floor helps to keep everything consistent. No more covering up those areas of the floor with an embarrassing deep scratch across your tile.

The biggest fear people have with real hardwood is the fear of rotting wood or having to replace entire sections of a floor. The difference with luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is that should you want or need to replace any section, it's as simple as pulling up a single tile or plank and replacing it with a quick click back into place with a replacement, all without the need for large amounts of the flooring being removed.


Having your home decked with the look you desire is about compromise, and in choosing the cheapest luxury vinyl tile flooring UK you are substituting the real deal for a product that provides a perfect look with many protective qualities.


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