Thursday 16 September 2021

Supporting A Grieving Friend: How To Help Your Friend Through Loss

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Death, unfortunately, is inevitable. Both the person who has lost someone and those who remain behind to provide support may suffer devastatingly as a result. As someone who has experienced grief, you must know how to provide support and comfort to someone who is grieving. During the grief journey, you can provide emotional and practical support to your grieving friends with the tips in this blog post.

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Stay Connected And Available

You may not know what your grieving friends need because they want to be alone. Text messages and e-mails are appreciated by some people, while others may need more attention. There is one thing that is certain: do not forget about them during this difficult time! When someone's father dies, you might not know what to do or say. It’s okay! A small act of love and support goes a long way.

To allow your friend to begin grieving, let them know you are there for them and listen without judgement. You could suggest an app for them to download for self-care as needed to give her space to heal. Whenever they're in need, give them your time. 

Providing funeral assistance is another way to be a friend. So you can spend more time with your friend, you can let the funeral directors take care of the funeral services so you don't have to handle it all.

Giving Advice Is Not A Good Idea

You can just listen when your friend needs your support. By checking in with them, you can remind them that they aren't alone or that no one understands what they are going through. Empathize with your friend instead of giving solutions, which will frustrate him. Relax them and help them calm down.

If you have experienced a loss yourself, the best thing you can do is listen, be present and share your story if you have one. Some friends may need an ear to cry on or just someone to vent to. You could accompany them to the funeral or wake, listen to them when they need a listening ear and offer specific support.

Help Out With Practical Duties

Offer practical support to grieving friends. As they grieve and heal, you may help with errands, food, and anything else that will lighten their load. Ask them what they need!

Make sure they don't waste time on things they might waste time on. As a result, they have more time to devote to other things, such as funeral arrangements. Supporting someone in grief and helping them with unnecessary things can help. 


It's not just your friend who is grieving if you're reading this post. Taking time for yourself is also important, as is reducing your stress. A therapist or counsellor can guide you on how to best assist your friend if you do not have any other support system available. You cannot remove the pain with magic tricks; nothing you do will do that. Ensure they get enough sleep, eat, and offer them a shoulder to cry on. 


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