Friday 17 September 2021

Tips For Making Saving Easy

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Often, when saving is discussed, it mentions putting 50%+ of your monthly wages aside, which in itself is almost impossible for millions of families. 

The thing about savings is that even the smallest amount stacks up over time - and that’s all you need. 

And sometimes, the most challenging thing about tackling any money issue is getting started! 

So here are a few tips that can help you save a little each month towards your big goals...

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Start taking notes

If you don’t already keep track of what you spend, then it is time to start. Everything counts - from the Saturday morning coffee at the coffee shop to the socks and pants that needed to be purchased. 

Writing these down over the space of 2-3 months will give you a clear overview of how much you are spending. 

Most of us don’t notice the little extra spending because they cost so little at the time. 

You don’t have to stop the small treats, but you must know how much they cost. 

Big goals

If we don’t have a reason to save, we sometimes don’t think it is essential. If you can save because you want to save, that is a great trait to have! 

If you need goals, then take some time to set them. 

If you want to move house, then take a few hours to look at property prices for where you would like to live. Make a list of everything the house needs to have for you to be happy there. 

Perhaps you want to jet off to an all-expenses sunny holiday; use the holiday planning tools on the website of your chosen holiday provider to give yourself an estimation of how much the holiday would cost. 

These totals can give you a lot of motivation to meet your savings goals. 


Many banks offer an automatic saving tool. It might be the type where they skim the change from a purchase, or you can set up a standard monthly direct debit to transfer from your main account to your savings account. 

There are a few automatic saving applications that have a similar method to help you save. Using a calculation, the software works out what you can afford to save per week and automatically removes it from your account. 

This method is so excellent that you don’t have to think about saving - it is done for you. 

Cut Spending

But...  just a little bit. Earlier, when we talked about the little spending, most of us didn’t consider how quickly they add up. 

Once you have the information, you might prefer to invest in a coffee flask and skip the take-out coffee or the little extra buys. 

You don’t have to cut out everything to save; most often, a combination of automatic saving and small cutbacks is enough to see a bump in the savings over a few months. 

And then the best thing about saving is you can adjust to meet your financial goals or immediate needs. 

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