Wednesday 13 October 2021

Kitchen Makeover Ideas That Are On Trend

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While the kitchen was originally intended to be used for meal preparation and cooking, it has evolved into a place where people meet at parties and where families gather in the mornings or at night to catch up. This is not surprising given the importance of food in our life; it nourishes the mind, body, and soul.

The kitchen is also a great location for families to engage in enjoyable activities together, such as painting and other messy creative hobbies, in addition to cooking and baking. Everybody uses the kitchen on a regular basis, and while you can live without a dining room, a living room, or a nursery, you can't live without your kitchen. 

Add storage where possible

This year's primary trend is ingenious and discreet storage, which is not only fashionable but also practical. Cupboards that reach to the ceiling and tall units with overhead cupboards provide plenty of extra storage. In both small and large kitchens, multifunctional and hidden storage is vital, and there is now a considerably greater demand for tailored storage than ever before.

Add a kitchen island

As mentioned, the kitchen is the most friendly room of the house and having an island or breakfast bar is synonymous with a luxurious and welcoming kitchen. It is not only a great place to perch, to eat, to work and to chat but it can also be used for extra storage. Make sure you add some bar stools, and you’ll have the ultimate casual dining area. Why not decorate the area with your favourite Verano Ceramics piece to add some personalisation to the area.

Personalise your kitchen

Speaking of personalisation, kitchens are most likely the rooms in your home that require the biggest customisation. Each person is different and cooks differently, and each family has distinct demands, so your kitchen needs to work for you. There are numerous wonderful design tools online now that can support you, or you can speak with a kitchen fitter for advice.

Install feature faucets

Feature faucets have become increasingly popular in previous years and will do so again this year. With so many different designs, styles, and finishes to choose from, taps have become as important as the worktop or cabinets in terms of design. Now you can get instant boiled, filtered, and sparkling water from your tap - how cool is that?

Incorporate smart technology into your kitchen

Faucets are one thing, but the kitchen now has a lot more smart technology to offer. From a smart kettle that you can start boiling on your phone when you wake up in the morning or when you get home from work, or a smart dishwasher that will clean your dishes by detecting their level of dirt and how delicate they are, to a meat thermometer that can be left in fish or meat while it's cooking and will notify you when to stop cooking, you’ll find your kitchen even more enjoyable than ever! 

Use these tips to renovate your kitchen into a trendy space!


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