Wednesday 6 October 2021

Planning a Rocking Family Reunion

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We've all had to miss our family members for a while now, and some of us may still not have seen some of the most important people in our lives. Even if you have met up, the chance to spend some quality time together might not have arisen. But with everyone getting vaccinated, making it a little safer to meet up with our nearest and dearest, it could be the perfect time to have a family reunion. You might not normally be the type of family to have a big bash, but it's a great way to get everyone together.

Find a Venue

The first thing that you'll need to do is think about where you want to hold your reunion. Having it at someone's home could be appropriate, depending on how many people there are and the location. Alternatively, you could rent out a property to use if you're thinking of creating an overnight stay or multi-day event. There's also the option of hiring somewhere for the day, such as a private room at a restaurant, a hotel events room, or somewhere else that's suitable for a party. Remember to keep everyone's needs into account when finding a venue.

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Get Some Entertainment

One of the best things about a family reunion is the chance to chat and catch up. But if you don't just want to be sitting there talking, you should also have some entertainment. This could include hiring a DJ or a party band so you can have music and dancing. You can find more information about how to hire a band or performer (maybe you'd prefer a magician) online. Other types of entertainment could include a family quiz or playing some games together, which are interactive and will let everyone get involved. It depends on what your family enjoys.

Make Sure Everyone Is Fed

Of course, food is a must if you're going to have a family reunion. Everyone wants to eat well and drink well too (whether it's alcoholic or not). You'll need to organise some food for the reunion, and there are various things that you could do. You might have a catered event so no one has to lift a finger. You could order food to be delivered if you're having a fairly small gathering. Or you could make the food yourself. If you're going for self-catering, it will be much easier if you ask everyone to make something so the work doesn't fall on one person.

Think About Budgeting

It might be a little boring, but it's important to think about the costs of your reunion. Firstly, is it going to be your treat or will the cost be spread between everyone who is coming? If everyone is expected to chip in, it's important to be mindful of everyone's budgets. You don't want to place any undue pressure on anyone because it's difficult for them to pay their part.

A family reunion can be a great way to get everyone back together again. But it can take a while to make it work, so start planning early.


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