Friday 5 November 2021

A mist that's a haircare must have

I have been growing my hair this past year and have been doing what I can to treat it well and keep it in good condition - especially as I change the colour quite a bit!

One of the new products I have in my haircare toolkit is The Detangling Mist from The Hair Boss, recently launched (kindly #gifted for me to review).

I have been using this every time that I wash and style my hair; around two times a week, as I am trying to leave my hair as long as possible between washes to avoid over-drying and over-styling it. 

Here's what you need to know about this pretty magnificant mist:

The Detangling Mist is the newest product in the award winning range, The Hair Boss. Founded by Lisa Shepherd, the former British Hairdresser of the year, The Hair Boss’ range simplifies haircare into a 4 step routine, The Detangling Mist fits into part 3 of her simple steps. As lockdown is lifted, life gets busy again and holidays commence, the brand saw a need for a quick, on the go answer to dry and unruly hair.

Targeted to fix frizzy and damaged hair, The Detangling Mist is designed to strengthen and smoothen strands. The spray will protect your hair by preventing breakages and deterring unwanted split ends. It is a summer essential as “in the summer our hair is prone to get dried out from the sun so it’s important to add extra moisture levels to our hair, The Detangling Mist is perfect in restoring lost moisture quickly and effectively,” describes brand owner, Lisa Shepherd.

The product matches the brands ethos of being 100% British, Vegan and Cruelty-Free, with individually selected sensory ingredients.

Not only great for the busy adult, The Detangling Mist will help you cut down the time you spend detangling your kids hair as, once applied, the mist instantly gets to work detangling your little one’s hair. Your kids will be delighted to feel the relief of the product, no more scalp pain as you try to comb out tight knots!

The Detangling Mist penetrates deeply into the hair strand and strengthens, repairs and protects the hair from within. Transform your hair and say goodbye to frizz instantly, the balance of moisture and oil will smooth your hair without weighing it down or making it limp.

“In between washes, The Detangling Mist will soften the hair, taming any unruly knots and re-adding the shine that it’s lost since its last wash. Whether your hair is naturally straight or curly, all hair types benefit from The Detangling Mist,” adds Lisa Shepherd.

I find the mist to have a pleasant scent and to be super lightweight, but with a real benefit to see in how soft and sleek my hair appears to be after heat styling.

It's also lasting a long time, so I think it's a great choice in terms of performance and value.

Available at £8.99 for 150ml.

View my Instagram Reel putting The Detangling Mist to good use.


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