Monday 24 January 2022

Helping to aid your child's learning at home with Teacher Play #review

Sullivan is going to turn three next month - three years old!! - and whilst school is still a long way off, it would be good to do a little more with him at home to help aid his learning. He is spending more time with us as we are still able to work quite flexibly, so we are making the most of the situation whilst we can, and as his speech and understanding is coming on leaps and bounds, we know we can really help him to explore and learn.

I have been introduced to a new useful resource for parents - Teacher Play. It was recently established by an assistant head teacher called Emma Anderson, based in Peterborough, so you know it is coming from a knoweldgable and informed place.

This idea behind Teacher Play products is to help children flourish in their early stages of life, accelerating their existing skills by teaching them language, reading, writing, and numeracy skills. 

What I really like about this accessible range is how they are developed for children aged 1-7 years and are thoughtfully designed to help create and spark conversation by teaching vocabulary, conversation and phonics. 

We were kindly gifted the learning alphabet and number cards (available individually or as a
starter pack, currently priced at £26.99)perfect for three year olds upwards, and just love the beautiful designs. The Teacher Play product range features reusable and wipeable flashcards, learning mats, home learning packs and the most recent addition to the range – decodable phonics - so there is an engaging tool to suit different stages in your child's development.

It may be early days for Sullivan, and his learning is more repetition based, but we have these Teacher Play cards to hand and have started to introduce them now and then as a way to have some more focused learning. We will increase things as he gets older and think that these cards are a great start.

Find out more about Teacher Play here.


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