Friday 22 December 2023

#Gifted: A sound night's sleep thanks to Simba

* PR gift

Is there anything better than getting into bed at the end of the day? Especially if you have fresh bedding?

No, there is not. Am I right?!

I look forward to winding down each evening and enjoying catching up with a book or boxset in bed before heading off to the land of nod. And this Christmas, I’ll be more comfy than ever, thanks to Simba.

We’ve been gifted their Hybrid Duvet and it really is the best duvet we’ve ever had. After just one night’s sleep, this much was already clear.

It’s a premium duvet with technical know-how behind it to promise a cosy and comfy sleep.

What makes is so special?

It has three layers that combine to make it 10.5 tog and suitable for all year round use. It has a cotton outer layer with Stratos heat control technology - this cool-touch tech draws heat away and provides an instant cooling sensation.; beneath, there's super-soft Simba Renew Bio fibres, then a cotton cover to finish.

It comes in a handy and sturdy storage bag and unpacks easily. Despite the size (we went for super-king as we have a large bed), it doesn't feel overly heavy and I really like how it folded out neatly, keeping an even shape. It's just the same when you have a cover on, and even when you wake up in the morning; it feels firm yet comfortable, and delivers just the right amount of warmth.

It's like waking up in a premium hotel bed, every day. It's that kind of sensation. 

You can see how well-structured the duvet is - the pockets are visible through the cover!

The RRP for the Hybrid Duvet starts at £139 for a single, with regular offers available, fast shipping and the peace of mind that the product and the delivery are sustainability conscious.

Simba Sleep know their sleep stuff, that's for sure. They're a British company specialising in everything from king size bed mattresses to beds and bedding, and they have received numerous awards and thousands of rave reviews. With our new duvet, I can see why!

I also love how the company shares lots of sleep insights, through their blog and socials; discover how to feng shui your bedroom or find out what drinks are best to have before bed.

* Many thanks to Simba Sleep for our gifted duvet. All opinions remain my own.


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