Friday 10 May 2024

3 Common Issues That Could be Affecting Your Plumbing

 * Article contributed to by London Drainage

When something goes wrong with your household plumbing, the impact can be debilitating. Not only does your plumbing system remove waste water from your toilet and sinks throughout the property, but it delivers water to the property as required – both hot and cold. An underlying issue with something as simple as a tap or a drainage pipe can quickly affect your entire routine, leaving your home without access to water.

The right plumber will work efficiently to diagnose and identify the issue, before taking steps to fix it. From quick fixes where required to pipe refits and rehabilitation work, top plumbers recognise the importance of access to water and will restore your supply as quickly as possible. With
plumbing work in London bridging emergency callouts with regular maintenance checks and drainage services, the job of your local plumber is to get your property back up and running.

Here are three of the most common causes of water supply issues or plumbing challenges experienced by homeowners:

1. A Broken Tap 

A broken tap may not sound like much, but whether it’s a steady drip or a complete malfunction, a tap which doesn’t work impacts your access to water when you need it.

Many homeowners will often overlook a dripping or leaky tap specifically as an irritation rather than a major issue – however, a dripping or leaky tap can lead to a much higher than normal water bill and can affect your local supply. A malfunctioning tap can also make it difficult for you to access the hot and cold water you need, when you need it.

Suffice to say, if there’s something wrong with your tap then it’s well worth getting it fixed.

2. A Blocked Drain

Another common issue reported by homeowners is a blocked drain – a problem which becomes more obvious when you recognise the symptoms and signs. These include slow draining plugs and sinks, unpleasant aromas, and gurgling pipes among other things.

When your drains are blocked, the impact on your plumbing can be huge – and is often not fully realised until the damage is done. Blocked drains are caused by a build up of foreign objects over time, which are flushed down through the pipe network and get stuck, thereby creating a block.

In most cases, they need to be professionally removed and flushed, with ongoing drain maintenance the best way to keep pipes running cleanly and consistently.

3. Mains Water Disruption

Sometimes, the problem can be a little further afield – with disruption to your mains water service or supply leading all the way back to yours and other neighbouring properties.

If your mains water supply is damaged or blocked, either as a result of a leak or a blockage somewhere along the water line, a professional team can be called out to identify and rectify the issue – restoring you to full plumbing and water access in record time.

There are other causes or damage and plumbing issues which could affect your property – however, these are three of the most common that many homeowners suffer. For more advice on managing your household plumbing, call on your local drainage and plumbing professionals.


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