Monday 28 January 2013

Baby's first wardrobe

Everyone loves buying baby clothes. What's cuter than buying a pair of teeny tiny trainers, so,e cute little dungarees or a funny character hat? Nothing if you ask me!

As soon as we knew little bean was on the way, we couldn't resist looking at baby clothes and it's still hard not to buy everything that makes us go 'aww!'.

It took me a while to work out what a baby actually wears. Sounds a little silly but really, it's a question that's hard to find an answer to as everyone and every shop call the same thing a different name. For a mum-to-be it can be confusing to know what's what but I think we have the basics covered now. Not knowing the sex of baby makes it difficult to buy proper outfits but we have plenty of bodysuits, vests and sleep suits, including short and long sleeve plus sizes tiny baby upwards.

We're thinking that once baby is born it'll be a lot easier to buy outfits and anticipate this is what a lot of people will like to buy as a gift. Having been around all the high street shops, it seems to me that boys clothing is so much more varied compared to baby girls. It just seems more fun whereas girls seem to be limited to pink and florals. I always thought a little girl would be more fun to dress but it seems that boys clothes are very cool indeed.

One things for sure though- our baby is going to probably wear Disney or themed character clothing (where they're dressed like a bear, for example) for at least the first year if our current purchases are anything to go by...


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