Friday 15 February 2013

Preparing for the last three months

So sorry for not blogging in a while - things have been a little crazy in the O'Hanlon camp and I just haven't had the time to do very much at all for myself or baby.

I'm currently at 28 weeks, so I have officially entered my third trimester - oh my god! How did that happen?? Up until now I have been feeling really prepared but with an extremely busy work month behind me, I feel completely lost when it comes to the next three months. I haven't read my baby books in ages, I don't have much information yet about the local Parentcraft classes and we haven't visited the midwifery centre where I'm thinking of having the birth.

I know it's unlikely that anything will happen and that I still have 12 weeks to go, but I also know how quickly 12 weeks can pass by as we waited that long to tell our friends and family our news in the first place.

Hubs wants me to start thinking about my hospital bag just to be on the safe side and we'll have to plan our exit strategy for when labour starts - not least because we'll be leaving our three furry friends at home and won't know how long we'll be away for! (Note to self: start stockpiling cat and dog food).

I'll be seeing my midwife on Tuesday and hope that the children's centre will call me back about the Parentcraft classes - if I need to do five weeks of these, I am fast running out of time!

One great thing is we have all the baby's things, except for a few items which are on our gift list, and hubs decided to surprise me last weekend when I returned home from visiting friends by having painted the nursery. I first mentioned our decorating plans here, but now the room has been painted a soft creamy yellow shade and has instantly become our favourite room in the house. It just feels like a happy space, not just a nappy place! We'll save the rest until much nearer the time but it feels good to have made a start on this.

So, this weekend, I plan on putting my feet up (I really am starting to feel more cumbersome and know I need to slow down a bit) and will swot up on the latest chapters in my books.

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