Friday 15 February 2013

Celebrity bump pals

I read in The Best Friends Guide to Pregnancy about how once you know you're expecting and a famous person announces their news around the same time, you'll instantly feel a connection to them. You'll want to keep tabs on their progress, find out what they are eating, how their bump is looking, what their baby name will be.

This does kind of hold true for me. Fearne Cotton, someone I have always liked, said she was going to become a mama just before I found out so whenever there was a story on her - usually about what she was wearing - I'd been keen to read how she was getting on. I'm not a fan of her, but Coleen Rooney is also expecting in May like me so when pics of her on the beach were in the press last week, it was nice to see another lady going through the same thing as me.

Another celeb I can relate to is Holly Madison - yes, the former Playboy bunny and Hefner's former Girl Next Door. She recently said in an interview that she's still getting used to pregnancy and that it's still a 'foreign abstract feeling' which I can really understand.

Although I feel baby moving at regular intervals during the day, it's still hard to comprehend there's a little human being in there. I think because we decided not to find out if bean is a boy or a girl, it makes things a little distant from reality. We know we're going to be parents but our daydreams and plans for the future can only go so far as we do not know if we'll have a son or daughter. As mentioned earlier on in my blog, we have had names picked for many years and if we knew the sex of the baby, we'd be able to start saying 'I wonder if little Jimmy will take after his dad and be 10 feet tall' or 'what if little Jenny talks as much as her mum?' (Note: these are not the names we have chosen by the way, just there as examples!).

By knowing the sex, you can't help but think ahead to the kind of person in much more detail than if you didn't. Because we do not know, bean remains a little mystery to us and I think that's some of the magic of meeting them for the first time.

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