Friday 12 July 2013

A baby's best friend

Before we had Ethan, we had another baby. His name is Watson. Strange name for a baby I hear you say. I agree, but Watson is our Jack Russell Yorkshire Terrier cross.

I call him our baby as he's the softest dog you could meet. He behaves more like a cat, sitting on our laps, devoted to us and soppy as anything.

When I became pregnant, Watson knew something was happening. His sixth sense picked up on the little bean in my belly and he stayed by my side day and night, gently cuddling up to my bump at every opportunity.

Watson turned six on Ethan's birthday (how about that for timing?) and we wondered how he would take to there being another little man on the scene. Because he is such a loving dog, we did worry he would feel left out when our attention shifted to another bundle of joy.

However, as soon as we brought Ethan home, Watson was in love. 

Wherever Ethan was, Watson was close by. Always supervised, Watson was so intrigued by the latest member of the family, he kept watch constantly. Every sneeze, every cry, Watson would want to know what was wrong. He even suffered the same sleep deprivation as us - you've seen such a tired dog in your life before!

He was and still is completely fascinated with Ethan and we just know they will be best buddies. He's fiercely loyal to our baby boy and we are so lucky to have two such wonderful little men.



  1. I love this. Love that photo of Watson peeping over the Moses basket. I feel like this about my furry boy too. He's captured my heart and will always have a place there. xxx

  2. That photo is the best - he looks so human, standing upright, peering into the cot! We're both very lucky to have two such wonderful dogs that our boys will grow to play with x


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