Sunday 14 July 2013

Craft corner

For those of you who have followed this little blog for a little while, you'll know that I enjoy crafting. I may not have amazing skills but I can stick paper to card and create some nice card designs and have lots of ideas wandering in and out my head on a daily basis. Ask my husband, I'm always moving ornaments around the house or coming up with some crazy idea involving buttons (I really love my buttons and once spent £30 in one day on them - really!).

I took the plunge and went to two craft fairs with my humble stall of occasion cards and various homely nik naks before Ethan was born and was pleased with how it went. I had some lovely comments and turned a modest profit so what more could I ask for?

I have only made a couple of cards since little man was born but I'm keen to get crafting again to keep my creative juices flowing and I've been inspired by Homemaker and Craftseller magazines. Blogging helps me keep up with my love of writing whilst on maternity leave but I like to make things too.

So to help me organise my ideas and my hoard of scrap papers, felts, bows, buttons, ribbons and whatnot, I went on the hunt for a bureau to turn one alcove in our dining room into a craft corner.

And I found the perfect little workstation - isn't it cute? I love the fact it's a heritage piece of furniture and like the painted finish, which looks kitch and perfect in our dining room.

I've added some of my favourite craft sources and a polka dot pinboard a friend bought me and voila! I have myself a cool little craft corner. What do you think?

I have my next craft fair in two weeks - I better get crafting!



  1. I love it! I am a crafty mom myself and recently got my own bureau as I think its a great place to keep all your little things without small hands touching it! Although mine still needs some job to do as I bought it half upcycled and need to get brackets to hold the lid which isn't as easy as I thought it will be ;) . Really lovely blog by the way! I am just starting mine about travelling with kids and things to do, places to go. If you are interested please follow me, although I am still building my page and as busy mom of two its rather slower than faster ;)

  2. I wish it still looked like this! Thank you for your comment - loving the look of your blog so far and will be sure to check it out for top tips!


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