Monday 1 July 2013

Home sweet home magazines

In my professional life, I'm head of a specialist home & lifestyle team at a top PR agency, promoting interior products and working with the huge range of consumer (and trade) magazines devoted to the subject of home sweet home.

For the past eight years, I've written for these publications on behalf of my clients and enjoyed having at least 15 different home interest titles land on my desk each month for me to enjoy.

Now on maternity leave, I have to buy my own magazines to get my home decorating fix and with SMP being as shocking as it is, it's meant I've had to be selective in what I buy.

So, with my clients' interests aside, which home magazines 'speak' to me as a 20-something, three bed property owner with a husband, baby, three pets and big ideas but style on a shoestring capabilities?

First of all, Ideal Home. Britain's best selling home magazine for as many years as I can remember provides all you need to know about high street brands and stores plus practical advice and products to suit all budgets. A brilliant all-rounder, Ideal Home is packed full of inspiration, both attainable and aspirational, but most importantly, the journalist team know what they're talking about so you actually learn something whilst enjoying the beautiful roomsets in the photo shoots.

BUY IT if you want to keep in the know with what's hot for the home. Well worth the cover price of £3.40, you'll get a lot out of each issue.

Secondly, if you're on a budget and like to have a go at yourself at playing interior designer, Style At Home is your title. Launched a couple of years ago with a former Ideal Home interiors editor at the helm, this magazine is packed full of great ideas for those who are more price conscious but still want their homes to be stylish and reflect their personalities. The 'Love It', 'Buy It', 'Do It' and 'Make It' badges in each issue offer something for everyone and I'm always left inspired to give something a go for myself.

BUY IT if you like getting crafty and for real reader reviews via the real reader stylists featured throughout the magazine.

Finally, the third magazine I personally enjoy and have recently started to buy is Homemaker. I'm still quite new to this title but essentially it jumps on the 'make do and mend' bandwagon and combines home styling with crafting to inspire you to take on various projects around the home. No craft is off limits and it's a really practical read - keep a notepad close by so you can write a list of all the ideas you'd like to try.

BUY IT if you need inspiration or have a creative streak but don't always know where to start.


  1. Thanks for the recommendations Kelly! I always long to buy a massive pile of these magazines but just never get around to it! Now i know what to look for at least :)

    1. Thanks for your comment Karen! There's so many magazines and they all have their niche / audience - I miss getting them all for free each month! Style At Home is definitely a good choice for affordable ideas and DIY projects whereas Ideal Home is great for trends and covering the big brands

      Hope married life is treating you well and the house is coming along nicely :)


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