Tuesday 2 July 2013

A birthday post

So, today I turn 29. Just one year away from 30, the age which I was most concerned about. It's the only age which has ever bothered me slightly. 
Celebrating my 21st birthday
You spend your teens looking forward to being 16 then to turning 18 and by the time 21 comes round, you feel like a proper grown up at last. After this, you start to settle into 'being an adult', getting your first proper job to hopefully set you off in a career you will enjoy for a long while, you rent and one day buy somewhere to live and you start to settle down with that special someone. The next proper milestone you have on the horizon is 30, where you'll enter a whole new decade. No longer can you cling to those fading student years - not when, like me, you've been a 'professional' for eight years. Yikes!

However, whilst I joke with my group of friends that they will be turning 30 in a couple of months while I still have a whole year to go, I'm no longer feeling at all worried about that big birthday.

The first photo taken of me and Stephen as a couple
I found my future husband at the age of 19. I started my PR career when I was 21 and have worked hard to work my way up since then, achieving a big promotion just before my maternity leave to a position I have always aspired to hold. We become homeowners when I was 22, a year after our engagement. 

Early on in my career - the first of six photos I've had taken with Tommy Walsh (don't ask!)
In September 2010, Stephen and I got married and in May this year I became a mum. In short, over the past decade, I have gone through all the main / big life changes you aspire to one day go through. All before turning 30. It's not for everyone but when I look back, I am really proud of everything I have accomplished - I'm a goal person and I have met a lot of goals already. 

On our wedding day
With the grand old age of 30 one year away, I'm looking forward to what else life has in store rather than dreading the thought of that big birthday. 

It's been a great year - a life changing year - so let's see what 29 has to offer...

Me and my little guy

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