Wednesday 3 July 2013

Special, personalised jewellery

As soon as Ethan was born, I wanted to buy something personal that I could always wear to celebrate his birth and symbolise what he means to me. I had read about mother's necklaces and bracelets where you could add a charm or birthstone for each of your children. I've always liked the traditional look of lockets too.

I started browsing Not On The High Street for some inspiration and quickly found lots of ideas n how to commemorate the birth of a child with personalised jewellery. There were various options, lincluding fingerprint charms and names engraved onto hearts, but then I came across Green River Studios. A small company specialising in handmade jewellery, Green River Studios had one stand out piece for me that was just what I wanted - the Personalised Mother's Celebration Necklace.

One circle in silver per child or date you want to commemorate, engraved especially with the details that matter most to you. Up to 47 characters can be engraved per circle and you can choose between polished or textured surfaces.

I chose to have one circle in the polished finish, featuring Ethan's name, date and time of birth plus his weight, and a second circle with the textured finish, engraved with mine and Stephen's initials, wedding date and the title of our first dance, Somewhere Only We Know (by Keane).

I loved this design as soon as I saw it and was really impressed when I received the finished necklace. Made from sterling silver, prices start from £75 for one circle and a chain in your choice of length.

It can be added to in the future and is a very special keepsake from this very special time.

* Note: this is not a sponsored post - this is a review of a product I personally chose, paid for and loved!



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  3. I like the idea of the birthstone bracelets!

  4. Wow! This is a great idea. I love it. It seems a sort of reminder too of the special people and events in your life. Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome idea.

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