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Making playtime pretty - review of Mamas and Papas Gingerbread 5-in-1 Playmat and Gym

Source: Mamas and Papas
Very early on in my pregnancy, I came across the Mamas and Papas Gingerbread 5-in-1 Playmat and Gym and fell in love. The pretty mix of patterns and colours, the bunting and fun characters dangling from the arch, the way the sides could be tied up with bows to keep baby safe or flattened down for free play when they are older - it was simply beautiful.

So when we were received it as a gift at my baby shower from my in-laws, I was over the moon. In fact, I wanted to get it out straight away to have a play! I was patient however and opened it up when little man was around three weeks old.

This playmat is part of the Mamas and Papas Gingerbread collection and features a patchwork of different prints in red, baby blue and soft green shades. The mat folds up at the sides so that you can keep your baby nice and safe, contained within the cushioned play area and when their older, the sides can be left down so there's more space to play.

Source: Mamas and Papas
There's also a removable arch which can be positioned across the middle of the mat or it can be used independently, across a cot or by removing the dangling toys for play on the move.

  • Bright printed patchwork of patterns all over, featuring chracters from the Gingerbread range
  • Toy arch with detachable Gingerbread toys (two characters and two little cushions, one with a squeaker and one with a rustly material inside and a baby safe mirror on the outside)
  • Different sounds, including squeakers and bells, to capture baby's attention
  • Measures 50cm high by 80cm long by 60cm wide
  • Made from polyester and polycotton
  • Sponge clean only recommended
  • Suitable for use from birth
What's good about it?
The design is beautiful, perhaps the prettiest playmat I've ever seen which makes it a great choice if you're not keen on plastic and bold primary coloured toys - it'll look great in any home. The different patterns and colours make it very engaging for babies and Ethan has spent many an hour staring at all the different elements, particularly the three baby safe mirrors featured on the sides of the mat and on the toys hanging from the arch. I also like how the arch can easily be removed as well as the toys, which will be great when Ethan is older and grows attached to these, and the tie-up sides give peace of mind if you need to pop out the room briefly while your little one is playing. The bells and squeakers are great too for getting your baby's attention and we use them at the moment, during tummy time, to encourage Ethan to turn his head one way and then the other.

It's very well made and you can feel the quality. It's a must have really if you already have items from the Mamas and Papas Gingerbread collection.

What could be improved?
The features of this playmat were clear to see before it was purchased so we knew what we were getting and as such, I'm pleased with everything it can do. However, the base of the mat isn't very thick at all and could benefit from having thicker padding, perhaps the same as the foam filling the side panels, to make it more comfortable. I can only imagine on Ethan's behalf that it feels quiet hard to lie on and for this reason, we always fold a blanket to put under his head whenever we use the mat.

Ethan's verdict
"Fun for some time on my tum and lots for me to look at!"

The current price of the Mamas and Papas Gingerbread 5-in-1 Playmat and Gym is £69.95, down from £99.99 in the summer sale. When we first saw this product, it was £65 and earlier this year it went up to £75 so I'm shocked that the price has increased yet again when nothing new seems to have been added or changed. I do love the mat and it's great for what we need now but I admit that it was the look and style I bought into and if I were to have the choice again, I wouldn't spend the full RRP on this.

* Note: this is not a sponsored post, we were bought this item as a gift and this is an independent review.



  1. Anonymous10.7.13

    We have lots of the Gingerbread range, which we bought when my daughter was a baby and it's now been passed onto the Little Man, too. We didn't have the playmat, but it looks fun! I think it's all quite expensive, but the fact we've used it for both children now, and like you, had a fair bit of it as gifts, has made it worthwhile and I do still love it :-)

    1. I agree - it is expensive but I think you do get quality from Mamas and Papas products. Like you say, you've been able to use the range for both children. We bought a lot of the Jamboree range for Ethan - love the bright colours. I think we paid something like £85 for a pair of curtains but we just couldn't resist!

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  3. Such lovely gift. I have bought some gifts a month ago from Ginger Kids for the birthday of my niece. I bought some bibs, baby thermometer and baby backseat mirror. Do you think this presents are the best?

  4. Hi, I know this is an old post now but I'm currently obsessed with the gingerbread range for our daughters nursery and am picking up bits from eBay as well as customising existing things, making prints etc. We have the play gym featured here that I picked up for £10 from a table tots sale. Sadly as it was washed, which I did appreciate, the mirror is wrecked and can't even be cut open to wipe away the condensation. We've just tied the arch too her new m&p cot bed and are using the mat for rolling and free play at nearly 5 months old. It's changed my whole colour ethos, as I've always liked purples and magenta's, but now I'm going for all these scarlet reds, oranges, pale blues etc against pale grey walls. x


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