Tuesday 9 July 2013

Park life

With the country being treated to a spell of glorious sunshine at the weekend, and hopefully the rest of this week too, we, like every other British family, headed to the great outdoors armed with a picnic blanket and cool box of treats to enjoy the weather while it lasts.

We love everything to do with nature and spending time outside with our little man, surrounded by rolling green fields, big trees and sparkling ponds is our idea of heaven. Until now, I have never visited Sutton Park before, despite it being just 10 minutes drive from our house and having loved here for almost 11 years. Spread across 2,000 acres, Sutton Park is such an amazing place as it features open heathland, woodlands, wetlands, marshes and seven lakes, plus easy to follow footpaths, off-the-beaten-track routes, clear signage and plenty of benches and secluded places to picnic without another soul around.

I took Ethan there first on Friday, just the two of us, as I wanted some fresh air and spent three hours wandering around enjoying the scenery.

Ethan sat back and enjoyed the ride.

Just look at the hair on this duck!

Beautiful scenery.

Taking a break.

We walked a long way!

Having had such a nice day as twosome, we decided to take daddy and doggy out for some more park life fun on Saturday. After a trip to Asda to fill up our cool box, we went to the middle entrance of the park to see Longmoor Pool and finding a shaded tree to sit underneath and while away a few hours.

The pond was really serene.

Our dog, Watson, enjoying the view.

Pretty plant.

Taking a well reserved break.

Sleepy boy!

We tested out the Joy and Joe baby wrap, which I have reviewed here, and had a lovely relaxing time as a family.

Ethan wasn't the only one to be tired after our day out!


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