Thursday 15 August 2013

Beauty review: blurred & defined lines

The next big thing on the high street beauty must-have list appears to be 'blur' creams which promise to smudge away lines, imperfections and visible pores in one easy step.

Garnier Perfect Blur came out a couple of months ago and now it's Cheryl Cole's turn to convince us that a cream can really blur the texture of your skin so you look more picture perfect with the launch of the L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection range and its Magic Touch Instant Blur (currently on offer at Boots with 1/3 off, at £8.99). 

Never one to pass a new product by that promises the world from one little tube or jar, I picked this up at the weekend and took it for a test run yesterday.

I also purchased Rimmel's eyelid primer and the new L'Oreal Paris Superliner Blackbuster Intense chunky felt eyeliner pen as I never leave home without a slick of liner.

So, what did I think of my new beauty treats?

Well, the Magic Touch Instant Blur felt smooth to put on and did instantly mattify my skin and start to mask my pores, particularly at the tops of my cheeks, my nose and my forehead. I needed to use quite a bit to get full coverage, compared to the size of the tube, but my foundation  went on well. The whole time I was applying it, I kept singing Robin Thick, Blurred Lines, over and over in my head! My skin felt velvety and my make up lasted all day. I'd say that this is a good primer and if it was on offer, I would recommend buying it but don't think it would be worth the full price tag. 

Left: before, Right: after Magic Touch and eyelid primer.

Next, the eyeshadow base. This had a white, almost shimmery quality to it but blended well and once dry, you're ready to apply your eyeshadow. Once I had put some nude shadow on my lids and followed with the new Blackbuster liner, my look seemed to last all day with no smudges or transfer of colour to my upper lids. Not bad for £3.99 and you only need a little each time.

Eyeliner in progress and finished look.

Finally, the new super thick super liner. I loved the bold look shown in the TV as for this product and when it was sold out at the first Boots I went to, I thought I must be on to a good thing. The pen format is easy to use and the thick tip is surprisingly easy to apply. The thing I was disappointed with was the colour - the black was not as strong as I expected from the model photos. Now I did use this over shadow, but I do this with all my liners and achieve a much stronger black line with my trusty Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen with one flick than I did with this. Having said that, I could later the colour up and doing a little feline flick at the end was much easier than I've found it to be with other products. So, again, if it's on offer, pick one up - it lasts well and is a pretty fool proof way of adding a touch of drama to your eyes.


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