Tuesday 13 August 2013

Clothing crisis - overhauling my wardrobe

Every woman has said 'I have nothing to wear' on numerous occasions when faced with their open wardrobe and absolutely no idea what clothes to wear for a certain occasion.

For some of us, this nothing-to-wear syndrome isn't confined to just special occasions - it's more to do with confidence. It's not just 'I've got nothing to wear', it's 'I've got nothing I feel good wearing'.

As a new mum, I, like many, am getting used to life without a bump and with a new body, with all it's weird and wonderful nuances. I'm by no means the slimmest I've ever been but I'm also not really fat either - I just have a little padding. It's good for keeping you warm in the winter you know?!

I weigh less than I did BE (before Ethan) and I'm determined to be comfortable in my own skin and to spend my time happy and focusing on everything that I have rather than procrastinating. Life is too short to be unhappy.

So, because I didn't want to open my wardrobe any more and have no idea what I could wear that day because that tshirt was too old or those jeans didn't fit right, I decided to drastically overhaul my wardrobe.

Before the overhaul - oh dear.

Out with the old and in with the new was my motto and I was very strict, making sure I only kept things that fit or went with other items in my closet. With my summer maxi dresses packed away, perhaps for the rest of this year, and my PJ's and old work clothes aside, my wardrobe now consists of the following:

8 basic vests
16 tshirts 
8 blouses / shirts
12 tunics / casual dresses
12 cardigans, various lengths
8 jumpers
4 dressy dresses
2 skirts
6 pairs of tights
3 snoods
3 patterned scarves
3 blazers
2 short mac style jackets 
1 leather jacket
1 Superdry raincoat
1 mock fur winter coat
8 ballet pumps, various colours
1 pair of ankle boots
2 pairs of Uggs
3 pairs of comfy heels
3 pairs of higher heels

After the clear out.

It's sounds like a lot of clothes written down in a list like that but it really is a capsule collection of clothes that I can mix and match much easier now, particularly as I can see everything when I open the doors to my wardrobe plus I know that each thing will go with at least one other item and it'll fit me.

Talk about a weight off my mind!

My new, Gok-inspired capsule clothing collection features some new additions to replace the old favourites. What's good about buying a few new pieces at the same time is you can usually find things in a similar or complimentary colour palette.

New basic vests, flared skirt, jumper and blouses, mainly from my favourite store, H&M.

Some new accessories to take me into autumn in style.

Now all I need to do is tidy my jewellery. I'm usually good and store it in my handy hanging system but I've got lazy of late and seem to have tangles of bangles and one earring missing all over the shop. I've always loved my accessories and autumn is my favourite time of year - can't wait to roll out the long fingerless gloves, cosy snoods and chunky knit tights.

Does your wardrobe need an overhaul and what do you to keep everything organised?


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