Thursday 29 August 2013

Going for geek

Having recently watched all the series of The Big Bang Theory and having bought some new glasses that are a little bookish in their style, I'm really going in for this whole 'geek' look at the moment.

At a time when geeks have never been more cool - which in itself is a bit contradictory - it's one trend that really fits me. I was a bit of a boffin (as the cool kids called it) at school, head always in a book, I was friends with most groups including the nerdy ones and even now, I have a few geeky-type interests.

I often find with trends that they just don't work on me, they're too out there for me to pull off or you need to buy quite a few items of clothing or accessories to get the look. However, going for geek in the style stakes seems to be a perfect fit for me - I have quite a few things that can work with this, along with a few new pieces I've bought to take me into autumn. I love the fact it's easy to do, it's a comfortable style that you can do subtly or full on and it's also flattering on my kind of shape (read: not a stick figure).

I've tried a couple of looks and think that playing up to my inner geekness will be a fun way to wear shirts, jumpers and converse trainers as the months get cooler.

My geek chic must-haves include:

1) shirt / blouse or loose tshirt
2) cardigan or jumper
3) slim jeans or skirt & tights
4) Converse or ballet pumps or ankle boots
5) Statement necklace & studs & rings & friendship bracelets (keeping it stylish)
6) Satchel bag 
7) Eyeliner & lipstick (always my must-haves!)
It all began with my glasses...

Here are a couple of my new purchases to help me dial up the nerd without looking frumpy:

My next wardrobe buy has to be something tartan; it's a cute print for the season and set to be a big style statement soon.

So, what do you think of this trend and will you be going a little bit geek this autumn?


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