Monday 26 August 2013

Project playroom - complete!

Two weeks ago, I blogged about my idea to turn our spare room into a playroom for Ethan and I'm proud to say, after a weekend of wallpapering and painting and having put the last touches to the room over the past few days, it's finished.

As mentioned in my earlier post, hubs and I loved dinosaurs when we were young and Ethan better had too as he now has a room filled with them! From some stylish, fun wallpaper that will stand the test of time to wall stickers, cuddly toys, door hangers and picture frames, Ethan can spend hours counting all the stegosauruses and T-Rex's he now has in his brand new playroom.

The colour palette is lime green, turquoise, grey and orange - it may sound odd but the tones really do work and we took inspiration from the wallpaper. We have a big Expedit bookcase from Ikea with some doors and drawers, some coloured baskets then lots of toys and special items including some of his Christening gifts out on display. I chose two big cushions in a ribbed velvety fabric as I thought he'd love the texture and we have some LED lights that give off a really nice glow. There's also a compact desk for hubs' Mac so he has somewhere to work if he needs quiet time.

Ethan and I have spent a couple of afternoons in the playroom now with his new activity mat and tummy time toy and I'm really pleased with how the room has turned out. It's bright, there's lots for Ethan to look at, and it's a multifunctional space.

Without further ado, may I introduce to you Ethan's playroom - enter at your own risk...

And look what we found this weekend in Next!...

It's a Pterodactyl lampshade! It's the perfect finishing touch and looks fantastic hanging from the ceiling.


  1. It looks awesome!

    1. Thank you very much! We're really pleased with it!

  2. Anonymous28.8.13

    What a fantastic job you have made of the room!Gramps

  3. What a fantastic room! I love it. I really want to turn our dining room into some sort of play room/dining room and this is brilliant inspiration, thanks Kelly x

    1. Thanks Emma! I really love the bright colours and the bookcase is a god-send, we have a TV version of it in the lounge too. You could use it as a room divider, if you have space, could be a way of creating a dual-purpose room??


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