Tuesday 15 October 2013

A family weekend

I've lived in Birmingham for over 11 years now but still call Fleet 'home'. My parents live there and all my memories before the age of 18 are there too.

At the weekend we went to visit. It had been two months since my parents had last seen Ethan so the change they saw in him was huge. 

He babbles. He laughs. He sighs oh so dramatically. He makes eye contact with you and holds it. He even sat in his new Baby Snug for the first time. His little personality - a cheeky one at thy - is blossoming and I got to see my baby boy through new eyes as Nanna and Gramps got to enjoy seeing Ethan play and cuddle and cry just a little.

It was nice to see my parents enjoying their time with their grandson too - I don't know who had more fun!



  1. 2 months development at that age is just huge, isn't it?! I bet they were delighted and proud :)

    1. They really were! He's so much bigger and more alert now, it was like meeting him all over again.


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