Monday 7 October 2013

Bags of fun

My search for the perfect changing bag was a long one. I didn't want one too big or too small and I wanted something that was practical but nice to look at too and it seems that I wasn't the only one, as it was one of my most popular posts ever (read it here).

The best way to get the perfect changing bag is to have one made, just for you, to your specifications. And lucky for me, I know the lady who has the talent to do it.

Louise is a friend, work colleague and mum of two gorgeous boys plus a very talented seamstress to boot. She's far too modest about her sewing skills and for ages I have admired the homemade dresses she wears and the array of stunning fabric bags she has for every occasion.

I love all things handmade and Louise's passion for fabrics means I have been envious of many of her creations. From book bags and shoppers to shoulder bags and changing bags, Louise has worked her magic.

A couple of months ago, we did a craft fair together and she received many compliments on her designs. She's always getting people stopping her in the playground, asking her where she got her bag from, and has a list of projects from her friends and family. She's kindly taken a couple of commissions from me - another blog post to follow soon - and today I wanted to show you my fab changing bag that Louise made just for me and Ethan, just how we wanted it.

I asked for it to be a little deeper and wider than her original changing bag design, I wanted toggles on the outside but magnetic clasps underneath the flap for ease of use and I asked Louise if she could add a bottle holder inside.

The finished bag has a funky monkey print on the outside and a brown and white polka dot interior. There's four internal pouches, which are great for nappies, wipes, mummy's keys and phone, and they are lined with bright blue and white polka dot lining which adds contrast and makes things easy to see when you open the bag. Louise even made us a coordinating changing mat!

Here's what Louise has to say: 

"I started by making a baby change bag for myself as I couldn't find one that wasn't too big or too small; I'd made the mistake of filling my first bag far too full to the extent it broke the shopping bag on my pushchair! I also wanted something that included my favourite bright colours and a fun print that would make me smile each time I looked at it (even if things weren't going to plan that day). And it's gone on from there! 
"Since then, I've made change bags and handbags in various sizes and colour combinations and love the fact that I can go hunting for different fabrics and put the patterns together in new and exciting ways. I've also turned baby clothes into personalised 'babygro' animals, named bunting, pencilcases, book covers and much more. Whatever the idea, I just love bringing it to life so if there's something specific you have in mind, just get in touch and I can see what I can do."   

After much persuasion, Louise has now set up her own Etsy shop - Lou and Lime - but is also available for individual commissions. She's always on the hunt for fab, fun fabrics and each of her designs is unique. Take a look at her online shop here, where there currently are just a couple of her bags are available to buy (pictured above) with more to be added soon, or you can contact her direct if you have something special you'd like her to make:

I just love my new changing bag and so many people have asked me about it. Louise took my ideas and requirements and made something far beyond my expectations. Her eye for design and detail made this bag extra special, from the contrasting polka dot interior to the matching changing mat and little button details. What is more, this bag is extremely practical. It's a great size (Louise can make it however tall, wide or deep as you need), it's easy to find everything you need plus it's machine washable. What more can a mum want?

Ethan loves it too - just look at how much room there is inside!

All of Lou and Lime's designs are customisable to suit your needs and tastes. If you want something more subtle, like denim or corduroy or have a specific fabric print in mind, just get in touch - if she can make it happen, she will. Each bag will be individual designed and therefore priced, but as a guide, prices for a satchel style bag with internal pockets can start from £30.

I hope you'll show Louise some love and I'm already working on an idea for a bag just for me...

* Note: this is not a PR post - I commissioned and paid for the bag Lou and Lime made but wanted to share it with you all because she's super talented and I just know that many other mums would love to have a stunning changing bag, or handbag, made just for them. 


  1. This looks amazing, something I will definitely look into as I have 2 in cloth napppies and bags are never big enough!

    1. We love our bag - it's a fun print and made to fit everything we need! Lou made the matching changing mat and added an internal bottle holder too. Drop her a line if you have an idea - I'm sure she can help :)


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