Sunday 6 October 2013

Cookbook challenge: beef hash and tangy butterbeans and bacon

Four recipes down in Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals recipe book and we're really enjoying my #cookbook challenge.

This week, we've eaten fresh food, cooked by moi from scratch and in a bit more than 30 mins but nonetheless,we've  enjoyed every meal. With forward planning to make sure I've only bought in the ingredients I needed to and in the quantities required, we've had no wastage, have had some leftovers to enjoy for lunch the next day plus we've kept to a reasonable budget.

I went shopping yesterday for this week's #cookbookchallenge list and again I was pleasantly surprised with how little I needed to spend to buy the fresh meat, fish and vegetables. By having a fully shocked cupboard of herbs, spices and other cooking essentials, I've kept within budget and have tried all new recipes.

Beef hash and beans
Last night we had Jamie's beef hash, butter beans and bacon with a garlic basted jacket potato. This is a real winter warmer dish and is really easy to make. The beef hash has lots of flavour and the beans are tangy.

Hubs' verdict: it's a bit like cottage pie but all separate on the plate. I liked it although the red wine vinegar was a bit strong. For lunch today, the beans were nice mixed in with the hash.


  1. Anonymous14.10.13

    I have been reading all of your posts in your cookbook challenge and it is definitely something I must try and do too. I love Jamie Oliver and how he has made yummy quick food. I have his 15 minute meals book and I highly recommend that. Lovely to read your enjoying the challenge x

    1. Ah thanks, that's so nice to hear you've been reading about my cooking escapades! I've really enjoyed it and it's felt good to cook more. It's also not cost too much either as there's common ingredients across Jamie's recipes. He's the most accessible chef in my opinion when it comes to easy to follow recipes that work.


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