Saturday 19 October 2013

Breakfast In Bed

Do you ever find yourself lying in bed, wishing you were asleep, but you're mind is wide awake and buzzing with all the things you must remember, want to do, blogs you want to read, stuff you want to buy...? Well, this is a common problem of mine and I have a solution - share all of this with you!

So, here I'm starting my Breakfast In Bed series, or BIB for short. It's a brief look into everything I am reading, buying, planning, crafting, thinking and doing this week - just prop yourself up on a pillow and enjoy a little journey into the world of To Become Mum...

READING This week I have found some lovely new mummy bloggers and have really enjoyed catching up on their latest posts. Go check them out for yourself - Playful Learners, Yummy Mummy, The Thrifty Magpies Nest and Life Is Peachy are my latest reads.

GOING swimming is our new favourite activity, me and Ethan. It's starting to get chilly but Ethan seems to enjoy a splash and it sends him off to sleep for ages too!

PLANNING As you may have read here or here, my Christmas dreaming began a while ago (I can't help myself!) and I've been flicking through various Christmas magazines this week for new ideas, particularly handmade gifts and decorations. As you may know from this post, I work in PR, specialising in home and lifestyle products, and each year, Ideal Home's Complete Guide to Christmas has always been my recommendation for seasonal inspiration. However, although this year's edition is good, the best read so far for me is Your Home's Christmas Guide; far more practical ideas that won't cost the earth.

CRAFTING Following on from the above, on my list of 'must-do' crafts are a few festive projects. I have a wooden advent calendar to decorate with paint, decoupage and other bits and bobs, I want to make a snow globe like this for Ethan and I have a drawer full of Christmas crafty pieces to make all our cards.

WEARING I've got a bit of a thing for hats at the moment and bought the beauty below - not sure if it suits but in the words of Icona Pop, I don't care - I love it!
BUYING I've bought all of my Christmas presents now, all that's left is my presents from the boys and I've been told I'm not allowed to buy those as well (you can see my wishlist here).

BIDDING I've also bought a Welsh dresser after becoming slightly obsessed. I've always loved them and when Charlotte at Write Like No One's Watching posted this upcycling tutorial, that was it, I was going to find one by hook or by crook! If you follow me on Twitter, you'll probably have seen the epic eBay saga of bidding on my perfect dresser, only to loose out in the last second. I don't take defeat well but after sulking for half an hour, I scoured the web for another and found the dresser below - almost identical to the one I lost at auction but in fact, I think I even prefer it. I've started a Pinterest board for decorating inspiration...

TONIGHT I'm having a night in with the little guy whilst hubs goes out with friends - I have a date with a bottle of wine, a box of chocs and Gary Barlow. My Saturday night starts right here!

LOOKING FORWARD TO next weekend as we're going to see Travis on Saturday night, with Ethan having a sleepover at Nanny and Grandad's. Then on Sunday, I am collecting my Welsh dresser from a place in Leeds then going to Oulton Hall for two days of pampering with my three best friends. Bliss!

Enjoy your weekend!

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