Saturday 26 October 2013

Kirstie's Christmas Crafts

I think I've already established my love of crafts with you, my lovely readers, and despite it being October, I've already indulged my Christmas spirit twice with this post and this post on making your Christmas list and how to make this season extra personal.

So, when I came across Kirstie Allsopp's new book, Kirstie's Christmas Crafts, I just had to buy it. Two of my favorite things all in one gorgeous hardback? Great!

In this festive tome, Kirstie aims to inspire us to pick up our pinking shears, grab our aprons and hand-make decorations and gifts to share with family and friends.

Deck The Halls covers decoration ideas, Season's Greetings is all about cards and wrapping, there's a whole chapter on decorating the Christmas table plus she shares presents, edible gifts, food and drink ideas and some fun children's craft ideas too.

If you have her Craft book, you may spot a couple of familiar projects and if you've watched her themed TV shows, you're sure to be reminded of some of her Christmas creations. 

It's a really nice book to flick through, printed on quality paper and with beautiful photography. Each chapter has an introduction from Kirstie in which she shares tales from her own Christmases past. Every project has a clear 'you need' shopping list and away to follow instructions plus certain projects require templates which can be found at the back of the book.

There's a few projects I'd like to try but as the book is a bit of a 'craft for all', there's some which are outside of my skill set (anything involving a sewing machine!) and others which just seem to require too many bits and pieces. The idea, Kirstie says a few times, is that handmade can be cheaper as well as more thoughtful but personally I can't see this in a number of the projects included in this book.

To Become Mum verdict: this a fab festive coffee table read and one you'll happily pick up and flick through throughout November to get your creative juices flowing. If you've seen her programmes before it may be a bit too familiar but if you're looking for a good all round craft book for the most wonderful time of the year, then you're bound to enjoy this

For each week in November, I am going to share with you a Christmas craft project that you can try at home. I love making cards and gift tags and will share these with you too as and when I make them but I'm planning on flexing my festive muscles a little more this year and hope you'll join me in adding a handmade touch to your celebrations this year.

Week 1: advent calendar
Week 2: snow globe
Week 3: Christmas card holder
Week 4: wreath

So watch this space!


  1. I have never really made any of my own Christmas gifts so really looking forward to your upcoming posts to see if I can make any of them too. All four weeks sound exciting so hopefully they will be easy to make! xx

    1. Thank you for your comment - it's great to hear you're looking forward to my posts! I'm looking forward to trying new things, hopefully they'll turn out ok :)


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