Friday 25 October 2013

A weekend of 'me'

This weekend, I'm having not one but two nights off from being a mama, although I'm not completely abandoning my baby boy altogether.

On Saturday, after a trip into town with hubs' family, Ethan is going to stay at Nanny and Grandad's whilst we go to see Travis. 

It'll be the fifth time I've seen them live and they were the first concert Ste and I went to together. The Invisible Band album reminds me of my college years, particularly the song 'Indefinitely', whilst The Boy With No Name has a couple of songs which have new meaning now we have Ethan, such as 'My Eyes'. They're an awesome band to see live and I'm thoroughly looking forward to letting my hair down. 

After picking up Ethan on Sunday morning, and giving him a thousand cuddles, I'm then heading to Yorkshire whilst my boys stay at home. I have a beautiful Welsh dresser to collect then I'm meeting my three best friends at Oulton Hall for two days of pampering, gossiping and wine. Bliss!

I'll be home on Monday afternoon and I know I'm going to miss the little guy but I can't deny it will be nice to have a break. I wish the two things didn't coincide but I have a week of mummy / Ethan fun times ahead so I'm sure he'll forgive me.  

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