Friday 4 October 2013

Letter to Ethan - 5 months

Hello little man! It's not been that long since my last letter to you but gosh, you're growing up fast!

Tomorrow you'll be five months old and just like your mum, you're not willing to just sit around and wait for things to happen - you go ahead and do them!

On Sunday, you rolled over for the first time. They say the average time for a baby to start doing this is five months so you're doing really well. We've been trying to encourage you for a while but you've been quite happy lying on your back and playing with your rattle or cube and less happy having some tummy time, as your arms get a little tired after a couple of minutes. However, Sunday was the day when you decided to give rolling a try and just to make sure you had it down pat, you did it three times in a row. Mummy captured your second and third rolls on video - can you tell how proud of you we are?!

Not content with one new skill, you decided yesterday to very clearly, and several times, say 'Da' for your Daddy, whilst Mummy was at work discussing when she will be going back to work (don't worry about this baby boy, we still have a long while together yet). You repeated it for Mummy and again before bed and this morning we heard you saying 'Ba!', and also having a little trump, over the baby monitor.

You have been very chatty of late anyway and you're quite happy sitting in your chair practicing making different sounds. You're giggle is coming on too and you often let out a squeal of delight which we just love to hear.

Since my last letter, you've been on your first family holiday to Cornwall, which you seemed to really enjoy. It was the first time you slept apart from us but you didn't mind. On the last day, you started teething and we can just about see two toothy pegs on your bottom gums trying to break through. It doesn't seem to upset you too much - your cheeks can go very rosy and you love sucking on your thumb and sometimes you make funny gargling, murmuring sounds when they feel a little painful but you usually fall asleep or need a bottle or cuddle which fixes everything.

You now sleep in your own room and have done for almost two weeks. You seem very happy in there but you're also really happy to see us when we go in to see you first thing in the morning.

Your hair is growing thick and fast. You're so alert and love looking around at other people and anything else that catches your eye. You've also discovered in the past few days how to bounce yourself in your chair or car seat -by circling one of your legs - what a clever boy! You've been to your first beach. We took you to Durham to visit your godparents as two of your aunties were celebrating turning 30. You dressed up as a Care Bear (a very cool cartoon from when Mummy and Daddy were young) and you received lots of cuddles as everyone was so excited to see you.

It's now October and Mummy's favourite three months of the year. I've already started planning your first Christmas! We've bought you a Fisher Price Jumperoo which looks really fun and we think you're going to love spinning and bouncing in it. We've also bought a high chair as in a month or so we're going to start trying to wean you - you have a whole world of food to explore!

We love watching you grow and develop and we're very excited about all the new stages and experiences coming up.

You're a strong, happy and beautiful boy and we love you very much.

Mummy x



  1. This was lovely to read! My daughter is 4 months on Sunday so it's nice to see what she might start doing next! Im looking at Jumperoos too, they look like so much fun!
    Lauren :)

    1. Thank you for your comment lovely :) I'm enjoying writing these letters - it's a good way to remember what he's been doing and when! The Jumperoo arrived yesterday so we'll be trying it out this weekend - I'll post about it next week so I'll let you know how Ethan gets on.

      Kelly x


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