Sunday 3 November 2013

Breakfast In Bed

It's that time again when I share what I've been doing, what I'm liking and my latest buys... snuggle up, it's time for To Become Mum's Breakfast In Bed...

PAMPERING As you may have read here, I've just been away for a spa weekend with my best friends and it really did a world of good. I'm planning on making it a new habit to have one night where I lock myself in the bathroom and take some time to look after me. It sounds simple but I haven't really looked after myself as much as I should so I'm adding a weekly pampering session to my schedule.

EATING I just can't get enough of Nando's Peri-Peri Salt which is just delicious sprinkled on chips. Seriously, you'll never have chips without it again!

PREPARING Last year, I finished my Christmas shopping by 31st October and this year, I've beaten it by a week. Woo, go me! I've been able to treat my hubs a little more than in previous years - I couldn't help it plus Ethan had to buy his dad something too! - and I'm really pleased with the gifts we've got everyone, particularly as a lot are personalised in some way thanks to shops such as Not On The High Street. I'll be making some sweet treats too in December to pop into some really cute, Emma Bridgewater-esque tins as additional presents.

BRUNCHING I can be a bit fussy when it comes to breakfast foods (I HATE cereal) and often skip it altogether (I know, I know, it's the list important meal of the day!). However, my new foodie passion is for brunch. Bringing together the best of breakfast and the tastiness of lunch, brunch is my favourite thing at the moment and the Verdo Lounge in Sutton Coldfield serves up a truly scrumptious range of mid-morning delights. Just look at this - bubble and squeak, back bacon, poached egg and hollandaise sauce... mmm!

WATCHING Or rather re-watching How I Met Your Mother. Dexter has finished, Sons of Anarchy season 6 is yet to air in the UK and I've finished both Community and Parks and Recreation so I've returned to the series where one man takes what seems like an age to tell his poor kids when and where he met their mother. It's easy watching and fun, just what I need right now.

ADMIRING My new Welsh dresser, brought back from my trip to Yorkshire last weekend. You may remember the bureau I bought a couple of months ago to create my own craft corner, and my latest obsession was finding a Welsh dresser to fit into the other book in my dining room, next to our open fireplace. The dresser is gorgeous and I took time this week to decorate it with various bits and bibs, although I'm sure I will fiddle with the arrangement and buy additions to it soon. I'll be sharing some more pics of this next week so keep an eye out...

COOKING I haven't cooked quite as much as before, although the meals I made during my Cookbook Challenge are now firm favourites. No, my cooking of late has been of the soft steamed vegetable kind as we've started weaning Ethan and I want to make as much food from scratch for him as possible. Sweet potato purée anyone? Follow our weaning journey through my new #weaningwednesday feature.

REVIEWING I've had the pleasure of talking to some fab brands for this blog and look forward to sharing the reviews with you soon. Watch out for more brilliant products from Weleda, some clever weaning jewellery, a hair-do saver and a great monthly magazine read if you want to get the best from your life.
WRITING my Christmas list. Well, more pinning my Christmas list on Pinterest (you can see it here). I never normally write a list but there's a few things I've been looking at or thinking about so Pinterest is a good place to save them. I love the above necklace, featuring a real leaf encased in silver, from Blowing In The Wind (thanks to @BelleduBrighton for telling me where she got hers!). Though really, anything from Next, Paperchase, Accessorise, Converse or Soap and Glory would be absolutely amazing.

I hope you've enjoyed this week's Breakfast In Bed post. What has been taking your interest recently?

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