Friday 1 November 2013

Ethan's A/W wardrobe

As Ethan is a week away from turning six months, the time has come yet again to pack away his old clothes and buy the next size up. Conveniently, his latest growth spurt coincides nicely with the change in the seasons so I've been able to buy him a new wardrobe that suits his size and the season.

You can read my previous baby clothes tips here but I thought I'd share Ethan's new autumn / winter 2013 wardrobe collection with you and a few more tips I have learnt over the past couple of months when it comes to dressing your baby for comfort and style.

1. Write a list of what clothes your baby needs
As I've said many times before, I find it really hard to resist buying a cute or funny outfit for Ethan - I'm sure he'll thank me for it one day. But what I've learnt over the past six months is that a lot of clothes can go to waste if you don't plan what you need or advise friends and family in advance. There have been a lot of jumpers and long-sleeve tops bought for Ethan which would only fit him during the summer months and sometimes he has an outfit which he only has a month or so to wear. When you're at home quite a lot and baby is learning to play, roll and sit up, comfort is key so I'd suggest you need more bodysuits, onesies and joggers rather than shirts, smart jeans, jumpers and so on.

Write a list of what they need and how many of each item would be best, so you always have a change of clothes even if the laundry bin is overflowing but not so many that they'd have to have four costume changes every day in order to wear everything in their wardrobe.

Ethan's autumn / winter wardrobe consists mainly of:
6 x sleepsuits
7 x short-sleeve bodysuits
3 x long-sleeve bodysuits
6 x long-sleeve t-shirts
2 x cardigans
2 x jumpers
4 x trousers, including jeans and joggers
1 x raincoat
1 x pramsuit
Socks, one pair trainers, lots of bibs and muslin cloths

There's a couple of other things that people have bought him but I'd say the above are the essentials.

I love all the bright colours and prints and the snuggly fabrics too. I made sure before I bought anything that it was a) something he needed, and b) it would work with the other clothes I'd bought. I want my little man to look good naturally!

2. Buy all the next size clothes together in one go
Whenever your little one is about to get too big for their current clothes, go on a shopping spree online or in the shops to get everything they need. Have your list to hand so you only buy what you need. Buying it all together means you can match tops, bottoms and outfits easily as everything will be in similar colours and you can stock up on all you need, ready for when they need to go up to their next size.

3. Organise your storage
I've said it before but an organised wardrobe, chest of drawers or cupboard is key to make dressing your baby stress-free. The older Ethan gets, the more wriggly he becomes and it makes our lives so much easier to have everything in separate baskets according to clothing type and within easy reach of his changing area.

Hopefully you'll find these tips useful and I'd love to hear yours too. What do you think of Ethan's autumn / winter collection?


  1. I love the bits you have bought, I am terrible at picking up something new everytime I go shopping! I totally agree about the sleepsuits though, Archie is 8 months and if we are at home or having a lazy day then he still wears one as it looks so much more comfy. I am impressed with your organisation!

    1. It's so easy to get carried away isn't it? I think you need to enjoy the sleepsuit stage for as long as possible as they get big far too quickly x


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