Tuesday 5 November 2013

Letter to Ethan - six months

Hello little man! Happy six month birthday. Six months! Half a year! Wow.

We can't believe how old you are already and how big you are too. You were weighed on Friday and you're a healthy 16lb 4oz, much bigger than when you were born!

Every month, you develop new skills and your personality grows more and more. Since I last wrote to you, just as you were about to turn five months, you've rolled over a couple more times, you've perfected how to say 'Da', 'Dad' and 'Daddy', you twist yourself around in your chair to see what's going on and you've started eating. Yes, eating real food!

We started weaning last week and it's going ok so far. You've had some baby rice and also some sweet potato. You pull very funny faces but generally seem quite interested and happy to accept the spoon. We knew you were ready as a couple of weeks ago, you started smacking your lips, like a goldfish, and you're always very interested in what we are eating and drinking.

We're trying to encourage you to keep rolling over whenever we play with you on your mat and soon you should be able to sit up by yourself. We bought you a baby snug seat and every day, you spend time in it, waving your rattles around and reading one of your scrunchy books.

You've also been swimming for the first time, my little fish! You were quite happy in the warm water and we had a lot of fun splashing around.

You're so chatty and we can talk to you back and forth for quite a long time. You're so aware and interested in everything that's around you. You're still sleeping through the night after your last feed (touch wood!) and you're really a very happy baby. Your teeth give you some jip now and then, usually in the evening, but you don't tend to get too upset - usually a cuddle or some food solves everything.

You had your first Halloween last week and we dressed you as Mummy's little pumpkin (sorry!). You've also been to Fleet again to visit Nanna and Gramps, who loved seeing you as you had changed so much since they had last time we were all together. You've also been to stay at Nanny and Grandad's again as Mummy and Daddy had a concert to go to. Sadly, your Great Grandmother passed away last week but we are so grateful that you got to meet her - it means a lot to all of us.

You're now wearing your six to nine month clothes and you're looking very stylish indeed. My sharp dressed man! You've also had your first illness of sorts - just a little conjunctivitis in your left eye - but you really haven't seemed bothered by it and the drops we have are making it much better.

You're also a cheeky little monkey and have started to sticky your tongue out the side of your mouth these past couple of weeks. Blowing raspberries is still one of the funniest things to you too!

It's now November, it's getting darker earlier and we're enjoying lots of time at home as a family. Daddy still works away in Leeds during the week but we've been lucky to have him home a bit more than usual. We've been busy planning your first Christmas and Santa has got lots of treats lined up for you.

You're such a special little guy and you bring smiles to the faces of everyone who sees you. You're loved so very much and we're proud to be your Mummy and Daddy.

All our love always Ethan.

Mummy xx


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  1. Gorgeous post (and even more gorgeous bub)! Hope he will have a lovely Christmas.


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