Sunday 17 November 2013

My pick of baby Christmas clothing

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I cannot resist a cute dress-up outfit. Always one for a theme, I have every intention to have my little Christmas cracker dressed in a whole host of festive  clothing throughout December.

I did well to resist buying clothes this time last year when we were expecting so this year, you just see of you can stop me!

Above are the seasonal items I have snapped up already. The hat is cute beyond words, the 'Mummy's Christmas pudding' sleepsuit is for Christmas Eve and the snowman jumper is what Ethan will be sporting on Christmas Day. All of these clothes are from Next and I could have bought a whole lot more!

Pictured above are my other top baby clothes picks for Christmas. The hat and booties are from Next again and just about the most adorable things ever. Aside from Ethan himself, of course. The bibs and two onesies are from George at Asda and they're definitely on my shopping list. Ethan loves to rock a bandana style bib (well, ok, it's Mummy who picks them but he does look rather cool in them) so these festive designs are great for his first Christmas and a steal at £3.50 for three, and both the onesies are fun and great value for just £8 each.

Will you be dressing your little one up as a reindeer / penguin / elf / Santa this Christmas? What are your top shopping picks?


  1. Anonymous19.11.13

    Love this! How cute! Molly has three Christmas outfits to wear so far! x

    1. At the rate I'm going Ethan is probably going to be wearing a different festive outfit every day!

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