Saturday 16 November 2013

Skincare for all seasons

Having reviewed a few of Weleda's products in the past, they were my first port of call when I started looking for cream to help Ethan and the rashes he gets from dribbling.

He permanently wears a bib and a muslin cloth too if it's not long since his last feed as he still has some reflux and you never know when he could bring a little milk back up. Because this happens every day, his poor little chin can really suffer and with the colder weather and central heating also to contend with, he's had quite a sore looking face for a while.

Weleda were kind enough to send us a tube of their Calendula Weather Protection Cream (RRP £8.95 for 30ml) to try out. It has the familiar scent of their other baby products and is honey coloured.

A little can go a long way as it's oilier than the face lotion. It's still visible on the surface of the skin once you've rubbed it in but this reassures you that it really is acting as a barrier against the elements. This rich balm contains calendula, almond oil and lanolin to soothe and nourish and it works for a long time to protect dry or sore skin.

I've been using this daily on Ethan's face and neck, keeping the tube close to hand to top up when necessary. Because his dribble rash can get quite bad, I've also been using Boo Boo Bottom Balm afterwards once or twice a day. I know, I know, it's meant for his bottom but essentially it's about nourishing skin and helping prevent soreness from moisture so it makes sense that this can help his face too.

This mini tub was part of a gift set a friend bought for us and the thick cream along with the Weleda weather balm have been helping. Babies really do have such sensitive skin so it pays to choose organic brands with natural ingredients as they're sure to be kindest to those with the most delicate of dimples.

* Note: I was sent a tube of the Weather Protection Cream free of charge by the nice people at Weleda as they'd seen my concerns on Twitter about Ethan's rash but all opinions are mine, as always.


  1. Anonymous19.11.13

    Molly gets really bad chin sores too quite often due to dribble from teething. It was helpful to read what you have found to sooth the sores xx

    1. It's not very nice is it? Because it's constant it's quite hard to treat but this has helped, particularly with the weather being cooler.


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