Wednesday 13 November 2013

Weaning Wednesday - week two

So, we're two weeks into weaning and I have to say, touch wood, it seems to be going well. Based on what I've read, Ethan seems to be doing well, trying new tastes and eating more than a couple of spoonfuls that are recommended during the first feed stage.

He's tried banana, potato, parsnip, pumpkin, sweet potato and carrot as well as baby rice. This week, we went from one feed a day to two, choosing his second and fourth feeds to experiment with the good stuff. He hasn't always finished his bottle of 200ml follow-on milk and some days he's been happy with five feeds, others he's still needed the sixth feed before going to bed for the night. However, he's always seemed keen to try the food and has happily sat in his highchair, kicking his legs and sucking the food off the spoon when presented with it.

His favourite foods are parsnip and potato and he still really likes the baby rice, so I think I'll add some fruit to this to vary it a bit and hopefully help develop his tastes.

Here's a brief diary from our second week of weaning (you can read about week one here):

Day 8 - we're sticking to baby rice to begin with as we know he likes it and for his afternoon meal, we tried pumpkin again which he ate. He's really enjoying sitting in the chair and seems to know what's about to happen.

Day 9 - baby rice this morning, his favourite, and parsnip and potato in the afternoon for the first time, which he was very happy to try. He smacked his lips in delight to I think we know what his favourite vegetable is!

Day 10 - banana custard, which was a bit lumpy so I had to mix with some milk, and parsnip and potato, which he polished off very quickly!

Day 11 - banana custard and parsnip and potato, both well received again.

Day 12 - banana custard again, which he didn't seemed bothered with today, with carrot and potato later on. He had a third of a full tub of this and despite it being messy, really enjoyed it I think!

Day 13 - he tried apple for the first time, puréed with some banana and didn't seem impressed - think the apple is too tart! Quite distracted at tea time but he still ate his carrot and potato without making too much mess.

Day 14 - apple and banana purée for breakfast again and he ate more than yesterday but still doesn't seem too keen. Carrot and potato for tea and he gobbled this all up!

For week three, Annabel Karmel recommends that you keep up the two feeds a day but that you introduce water or diluted juice at the lunchtime meal. She also suggests that now you can mix flavours together, so you might give your baby two or three fruits blended together at breakfast or potato, courgette and broccoli for instance at tea time. I'm still keen to follow her books as a guide because they help talk us through the main stages and advise when to introduce new flavours and textures. It's only been two weeks but Ethan has had some homemade and some jarred purees and has followed the guidelines well with no upsets or any kind.

It's really exciting seeing my boy getting so big and grown up and it'll be nice to have him involved in more of our mealtimes in the not too distant future.



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