Tuesday 12 November 2013

Treat Yourself Tuesday - go ring crazy!

There's one trend at the moment I can most definitely get on board with, and pull off too - rings! Or to be more precise, rings, rings and rings!

Long before Nicole Sherzy was sporting some fierce fingerwear on The X Factor every Saturday night, I've been a big fan of rings and since the summer, midi rings have been my latest crush. For around sixteen years now, I've worn a thumb ring (I could really do with buying a new one!) and I usually have at least one other ring on at any one time, plus my engagement and wedding rings of course. Rings have always been my thing so the fact that the fashion is to pile them on gets a big thumbs up from me.

Like the statement necklace, a statement ring is a must-have to jazz up any outfit. But don't stop there - the trend now is to wear two or three rings on one hand, side by side or stacked up your fingers. If you have delicate hands or prefer a simpler style, stacker rings such as those from Pandora are great but if you wear fashion jewellery and want to be bold, most high street stores sell ring sets so you can build up and mix the look until your heart's content.

The above set is from New Look and features four large rings and four midi rings, all of which you can mix and match together. River Island also have some great sets and Topshop can be counted on for a great range of individual midi rings.

So, let your hands to the talking and snap up a statement ring or five this season.


  1. Anonymous19.11.13

    Right. Where is my closest New Look?! xx

    1. They're great for this kind of thing - lots of styles to choose from right now :)


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