Monday 23 December 2013

A bumper bundle of joy

Several weeks ago, I hopped over to one of my favourite lifestyle blogs,, and entered a fab festive giveaway to win a luxury food hamper from Hamper Gifts worth £100.

And do you know what? I only went and won the competition! Whilst I'd have happily enjoyed the delights myself, I'd entered with one recipient only in mind - my dad.

We haven't been able to spend Christmas together for a while and he's going to be at home this year. He's not one to spoil himself and he would never indulge in a hamper such as this so I wanted to enter on his behalf as I thought it would be a lovely surprise.

And it was! I went for a whistlestop visit back home with Ethan to drop off Christmas presents and the hamper ahead of the big day, although we'll be visiting again in a week for a longer break.

Dad couldn't believe it when I turned up with the hamper and handed it over to him. He was pretty gobsmacked and it took us a while to dig out all the delicious bits and pieces inside. From jams and cookies to chocolates, mince pies, merlot and sparkling wine, the hamper is full to the brim with tasty treats perfect for the festivities ahead and my dad is excited to tuck in on Christmas Day.

A big thank you again to Sam and Teresa at I Am Into This, and Hamper Gifts, for this amazing prize - I was so pleased to share this with my dad.

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