Saturday 21 December 2013

What would you do without your phone?

When I was a teenager, I can remember when my best friend got her first mobile phone, how jealous I was and how, when I finally got one of my own around the age of 13-14, it took me half an hour to type out my first text message, which I believe carried the simple message of 'Hi! I've got a mobile phone!' (no shit Sherlock!).


Nowadays, my phone is never found more than a few feet from my person and my iPad mini or laptop is within reach too. Any time I have a question or think of something I want to say to someone, my phone is there to give me answers, help me shop and keep me in touch with the world. It helps me capture my memories of my son and it makes the weekly shop hassle free.


I am very aware of how reliant I am on my phone for most of my daily life, perhaps more so since becoming a mum. From googling answers to every question you have throughout the newborn stage and beyond to connecting with you lovely lot and sharing my journey and enjoying yours, my phone is my friend and it keeps me company.


But it's not healthy to be so reliant on something that once upon a time, we just didn't need because it didn't exist. Despite being so attached to it daily, when it comes to holidays, my phone is the last thing on my mind usually. I love the idea of properly switching off whenever I have a break and have never had my phone on permanently when we have gone away - only for one or two messages or calls to check-in on things, if that. This past weekend, I didn't miss my phone when we were enjoying Mock Christmas with our friends. I had my closest buds, my husband and my baby boy all together and most the time, I didn't even know where my phone was.


However, when we got to Center Parcs, it was a different story. Living in the forest is great but no signal and no wifi made sure that my phone was completely redundant. Because I couldn't use it, it became more of an annoyance as several times a day, I'd think of something I'd like to do or check then realise I couldn't. There was wifi available in the main village centre, so I managed to quickly check my emails and alerts and post a few snaps when we passed through, but otherwise, I was disconnected. And the feeling was quite disconcerting.


I really enjoy the calm and relaxation that comes with a Center Parcs type holiday and as I say, a break from routine, particularly one that revolves around modern technology, is good for you, but I have to admit I found this week a little hard. We have a busy run up to Christmas so there were quite a few things I would have liked to do so I wouldn't have to rush around in the last couple of days but without wifi, I had no choice.


I think this week has made me appreciate how lucky I am to have these things available to me but also how I am perhaps online too much. When I go back to work, I'll be online all day long so I think in the New Year, I'll need to find a bit more balance so my home life doesn't completely depend on my online life.


Do you feel the same? Do you think you perhaps spend too long checking emails, updating Facebook and generally not 'switching off'?




  1. Sometimes I'm glued to my phone, but other days I barely pick it up! I think it depends on my mood on the day! x

    1. I think it's good to be able to step away from it for a while. The trouble is, our phones aren't just phones any more - too many distractions! x


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