Wednesday 18 December 2013

What Santa will be bringing our special little boy

With Ethan still a baby and unable to work a computer, I thought it was safe enough to share the main presents we have bought him for Christmas, in case you're looking for some last minute inspiration.

* Rocking Dinosaur
As you may remember, we turned our spare bedroom into a playroom for our little fella and it has a dinosaur theme. One lazy afternoon, I was browsing eBay, as you do, and came across a Mamas and Papas rocking dinosaur. Originally retailing at around £90 I believe, and unavailable now, I snapped up this beauty for Ethan for just £17.63. It's in brilliant condition, looks nearly new and I am sure it'll be something he enjoys when he's a bit bigger.
* Cody Cub
This is an amazing interactive toy from Vtech. It's a cute blue teddy bear which talks to your child and has a variety of activities and songs included to keep little hands busy. It can also be programmed to say your child's name and learn their daily routine plus you can download other features from the Vtech Learning Lodge (just don't ask me how to use it!).  Thanks to Alex at Bump to Baby for introducing me to this through one of her great gift guide posts.

* Ball Pit
This was the first present we picked up and we managed to get some different shaped and coloured balls in the Mothercare sale. I can't wait to see Ethan sat in the middle of this, although when I start finding stray plastic balls everywhere I might live to regret this purchase!

* Books
I've mentioned many times how much I loved reading when I was young and Ethan has an extensive library already, so a few extra books were a must for Christmas. He has 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, the Mr Men library and The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet in his stocking.

* Vtech Crawl Ball
Ethan is just about getting the hang of sitting up at the moment, something we are trying to encourage as much as possible, so we've started thinking about the next stage. It was important to us not to buy toys for the sake of it but to choose things that would help him learn and develop through his next few stages. This ball lights up and plays music and gives baby lots of encouragement to follow it as it rolls away from them.

* Musical Table
Asda has a great flash sale a few weeks ago on toys and we bought Ethan an interactive musical table with 30 plus different elements to keep him busy. It can be sat up as a table or placed on the floor, so it should be a fun toy that will grow with Ethan.

* Clothes
Just so he has lots to open on Christmas morning, I've bought his nine to 12 month wardrobe, as he's sure to need the next size clothing in January. It's something that he needs and you know me, I like to be organised!

* Christmas Teddy
To commemorate his first Christmas, we've had a personalised teddy made for Ethan and this will probably be the first thing he opens on Christmas morning. Hopefully it'll be something he cherishes over the years.

There's a few other bits and pieces for Ethan to open, including his first push and go car and some building blocks, so he's sure to be kept busy for quite some time!

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