Monday 16 December 2013

Getting ready for Christmas

I'm a big fan of online shopping - sure, it's great to see things up close and browse all the different options, but living in a bustling city and with a pushchair in tow, sometimes the crowds are just too much for me to contend with. I just don't have the patience anymore!

This is particularly true for food shopping and for that reason, I rely on home delivery more often than not. Asda has a month pass you can buy for £8 that allows you unlimited deliveries so it's great value plus I love the shopping list function as you can save lists in advance or browse you're favourites for a super quick shop.

The Christmas delivery dates were released about a week or so ago and I quickly reserved ours for 23rd December. That way, I know our main shop will be sorted but if something crucial is missing, I still have time to pop out and get it.

My top tips for getting ready for Christmas in the last week are as follows:

* Get your Christmas cards in the post now so they'll get there in time, and hand deliver as many as possible to save on postage.

* Go through your piles of presents and mentally tick off everyone you need to buy for - do this sooner rather than later so if you have forgotten someone, you have time to buy them something. It's always a good idea to keep tins of biscuits, chocolates, wine or an extra gift aside for this purpose.

* Do a stock check of your cupboards so you know what you have already and don't buy extras that you don't need.

* Add non-perishable or freezable items to any shops you do in December so you can spread the cost and slowly build your drinks / snack cupboard, leaving less to be bought before the big day.

* Write a list of everything you'd like to eat and drink over Christmas that you don't already have. Remember breakfast items, some convenient options and make sure you have plenty of nibbles - you never know when you might have visitors popping over so it's nice to have something to offer them.

* Online shopping is a great way of making sure you don't forget anything and helps you keep within budget. Book your slot quick!

* Prepare a rough plan for the last couple of days. Spread the tasks over time and between the members of your household.

* Let friends and family know when you'll be visiting to deliver presents, so you can be sure they're in and you can collect any reciprocal gifts as you go.

How do you like to prepare for Christmas? I'd love to hear your tips for getting prepared and staying stress-free, particularly when you have a baby to still look after!

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