Sunday 5 January 2014

My letter to Ethan at 8 months

Hello baby boy,

It's your mummy here! It's been a couple of months since my last letter and it's been a very busy time as you've just enjoyed your very first Christmas ever, and boy was it a great Christmas!

Daddy had three weeks off and the three of us visited your godparents for mock Christmas in Durham, went to Center Parcs Whinfell Forest for five days, travelled to see Nanna and Gramps just before and just after Christmas then enjoyed the big day itself at home, just the three of us, opening presents and playing all day long. Whilst you're only little and don't really know what's going on, you certainly seemed excited and you were in great spirits all Christmas. You loved all the twinkling lights and you got to see so many people who love you to pieces.

You were thoroughly spoilt by everyone and your playroom is now fully stocked with talking teddy bears, stacking bricks, musical playmats, your first walker, wooden jigsaw sets and lots of books. Plenty to keep you busy over the next few months!

You've been changing again, in leaps and bounds. Your hair seems to grow overnight. Your first tooth broke through on Christmas Day - just the tip, but you seem quite intrigued by the new arrival. You can sit up confidently, something which has taken some time and lots of practice. The week before Christmas, when we were at Center Parcs, we put you down on the sofa and all of a sudden, something clicked and you managed to sit there, without wobbling. The same happened again on Christmas Eve; you were sitting in your bouncer chair and suddenly leant forward, to sit upright. You kept on doing this at every opportunity, like you'd always been able to do it, and even fell out your chair once (you were fine!). We're going to have to have eyes in the back of our heads now! You've been giving us five for a while now and you're so interested in the world around you. You look at people when they're talking and you practice your laugh and gesture and gurgle along with us in response. You are still the most smiley boy we've ever seen and you never get too upset about anything. You enjoy mealtimes, although you have been sick a number of times, but you're making great progress and seem to be very content by yourself or with other people.
Today, you turn eight months old and it also happens to be mummy and daddy's 10 year anniversary of being together. And of those 10 years, you are our greatest achievement and biggest source of pride.

Today is also the last day of my maternity leave and from tomorrow, our lives are going to be a little different. I'm going back to work and you will be going to nursery four days a week. It's a lovely place and you've been very happy there when we've been to visit so hopefully you'll enjoy your new routine. Mummy isn't going to lie, she is going to miss you terribly, you're her favourite little guy, but she needs to earn some pennies to buy you pretty things. Nursery will be great for you as you'll get to spend time with other babies and there's so much you'll learn. I promise you'll have a great time and mummy will make the most of her Wednesday's with you, and weekends with daddy as well.

You've been here almost as long as you were growing in mummy's tummy and it really isn't that long until your first birthday. What would you like to do?

Every month, you change so much and I can only imagine all the different stages you will go through this year. You are the light of my life Ethan and we are so proud of you. You're a wonderful little boy and we love you so very, very much.

Hugs and kisses little man,

Mummy xx



  1. He is such a cutie, you have some lovely photos.

    I hope going back to work goes okay. I'm sure he will love nursery!

    1. Thanks Amy, he does seen to love posing for the camera!

      We'll be fine I'm sure - he seems to love nursery when we've visited so I have no doubt he'll have a great time x


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