Friday 3 January 2014

Midweek meal inspiration for mums

As you know, I'll be learning how to become a working mum from Monday and after eight and a half months of maternity leave, I think my new routine will take some getting used to.

The most important thing when I leave work is to make the most of our evenings with our little boy. I'm planning on assigning one household task per night just to keep on top of things and another time saving trick I plan on using is to prepare our bags and outfits for the next day each night so getting out the door on time each morning isn't too challenging (yeah, right!).

Part of making the most of our evenings is to make sure I can make quick and easy meals for us. I don't want to rely on convenience food but need more than ever to stick to a reasonable budget. I learnt from my #cookbookchallenge a few months ago that if you plan well, you can eat fresh food without buying too many ingredients that may just go to waste.

A few helpful Twitter pals suggested that my slow cooker might be my best friend for midweek meals and I think staple dinners will include things like stir fry with noodles and fish with grilled vegetables. All easy to prepare in minutes and using fresh ingredients that will make for a fulfilling meal.

I'm going to share some mama friendly meals over the next few weeks as I try and test them and would love to hear your ideas and must-cook recipes. You can follow my progress on Twitter with the hashtag #midweekmealsformums and all posts will be filled under the 'food' tab on this blog.

So, fellow working mummies, tell me how you keep out the kitchen and keep on budget whilst feeding your family well during the week. I'm stuck in a rut and want to try something new!


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  1. Anonymous4.1.14

    Yep, slow cooker! Or, being part time I often manage to prep veg in morning during pre-school, before work :)


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