Wednesday 1 January 2014

My hopes for 2014

Happy New Year everyone! It's officially 2014 and a time when a lot of people choose to reflect on what they want for the year ahead.
I'm not sure if people make resolutions any more, as it seems to be universally agreed that if you make one, you're unlikely to keep it.

As I said in my post yesterday, 2013 was an amazing year as I became a mum but this year is sure to have it's own surprises as there's always so much to learn, no matter how long you have been a mum for.

2014 is the year I return to work and become a working mum, the year Ethan will turn one and the year when I will turn 30. The idea of being 30 years old used to be a daunting one but now I'm sic months and a day away, it's not so much. I have a mortgage, a successful career, I'm married and I have a child - nothing can get much more daunting than all of that!

So, I'm looking ahead to the next 12 months with an air of positivity and celebration. I have a lot to be thankful for and I want to make sure I appreciate it all.

My hopes for 2014:

- that Ethan settles into nursery well and enjoys meeting new people and learning new things without missing me (but being incredibly happy to see me whenever I pick him up!)

- that I can find a good work / life balance, where I can continue to be successful in my work whilst making time for myself and enjoying every moment I have with and every stage Ethan goes through

- that I can worry less and enjoy more, focusing on what I have rather than what I don't

- that I can put a real budget in place and have a plan for the next couple of years to help us get to where we want to be

- that I can get my psoriasis under control and not let it affect me or hold me back

- that I can take better care of myself in general

- that I show myself, friends and family how special they are and continue to share our journey as our own little family with them

- that we can have one or two mini breaks this year to celebrate my birthday and Christmas

- that I can continue to build this blog and make it something that fellow mummies or lifestyle bloggers enjoy to read

Have you made any New Years resolutions? What are your hopes for 2014?



  1. This is the year I turn 30 and Charlie turns 1 as well! We are going to have a joint party! xx

    1. That's wonderful - twice the fun! X


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